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How to Hire the Best Staffing Agency


How to Hire the Best Staffing Agency

Here are 5 questions to ask to help you hire the best staffing agency to help your business?

1. What experience does the agency have staffing employees in your industry?

2. What is the turnover rate for internal employees within the staffing agency?

3. What do the staffing agency’s temporary workers think?

4. What level of partnership will the staffing agency provide?

5. How does the agency’s rates compare to other staffing agencies?

Asking these 5 questions should give you a good start in your search for the best staffing agency.

Your Employment Solutions is the best staffing agency in Utah.

Here’s why:

1. Your Employment Solutions has over 18 years of experience staffing employees in multiple industries — from light industrial to professional and more.

2. YES’ internal employee turnover is incredibly low — far below the industry average.

3. You can see what the people we hire think about us by checking out our Google reviews for Salt Lake and Ogden offices.

4. One of our goals at YES is to be partners with everyone we do business with.

5. Your Employment Solutions’ rates are fair based on the quality and value we provide.

If you’re looking for staffing help, please give us a call today at 801-298-9377. We’d love to talk and see if we are the right fit to meet your business needs!

You can also visit us online at http://youremploymentsolutions.com


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