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Job Description:

Role : Frontend Architect
EXP : 10+

Must have : Micro Frontend
• Liaise with product owners to understand the high-level requirements and resolve ambiguous requirement to create clear development plan for the reporting team.
• Liaise with the UX team to understand the modern-day design paradigms and envision smart ways to overcome the technical limitations while following UX recommendation.
• Liaise with backend teams and give them downstream requirements necessary for the front-end team’s works.
• Architectural responsibility for choosing correct contemporary front-end framework solving business problem.
• Keep the Non-functional requirements like Security; Performance; Browser portability; Graphic rendering; i18n etc. while planning the technical design.
• Converting the architecture into futuristic technical design which is easy to understand by front end developers. The design should follow SOLID principles.
• Hands on with setting up the initial code scaffolding using chosen front end framework.
• Setting right coding standards and review cultures in the teams by leading from front.
• Heavy focus on the front-end testing and delivery automation. Quality focused automation.
• Subject matter expertise on two important components of front-end development –Rendering Engine and JavaScript Interpreter.
• Attitude to mentor junior team member and setup right team cultures.
• Setup right examples by involving in difficult technical issues and solving them using tools in hand.
• Drives engagement with Security and Infrastructure teams to ensure secure deployment of applications.
• Conduct daily scrum; technical clinic’s and other governance ceremonies with DevOps team
• Assists in production support and maintenance of applications as needed.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills with the ability to create and present concepts and recommendations to management.
• High-level communication skills to influence and persuade others.
Must have
10+ years of progressive; broad-based IT experience successfully implementing complex IT applications and / or developing efficient effective solutions to diverse and complex business problems.
• Working experience in one of the modern-day front-end frameworks like jquery; reactjs; angular; vue; backbone js; ember.
• Hands on experience in writing functional unit testing for the framework and creating reusable test components for extended teams. Exposure on Jasmine; Karma etc.
• Leading experience on code review committee and have knowledge to analyze code based on performance on browser.
• Hands on experience on HTML5 and CSS3 tags and browser compatibility.
• Writing code complying with W3 standards and setting up governance to ensure code quality.
• Knowledge of some SEO principles for indexing.
• Hands on experience in developing front end portals which works well on any form factors devices like mobile; tablets and multi browsers on different OS.
• Experience on supporting i18n compatibility content including bi-directional rendering.
• Good understanding of code versioning tools; such as Git; Mercurial; or SVN.

Added advantage
• Experience in extending the framework provided functionalities to meet a specific requirement.
• Good understanding of asynchronous request handling; partial page updates; and Ajax
• Solid experience in using a complex REST API from the client-side
• Experience with Single Page Application; Authentication; Authorization; Browser Storage and Security features.
• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in Computer Science; Engineering or a related field; or additional comparable experience
• Industry certifications in will be a big plus.






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