Android Developer (Kotlin, Agile) in San Francisco, CA

Android Developer (Kotlin, Agile) in San Francisco, CA
6 Months
Must Have Skills
Arch, design patterns, MVC, MVP, MVVM
Programming skills in Java + Kotlin
Networking: Volley/ okHttp/Retrofit
Null safety, Extension functions, Companion Objects
Job Description:
Peristent & Temporary storage in Android: Kotlin Models, Android
Rooms, Shared Preferences
Background job Handling
Job schedulers, Alarm Managers, Work managers
Intent services, Services, Kotlin Coroutlines
Reactive programming Paradigm : Rxandriod, RxKoklin, RxJava, Livedata
Shaarukh Raza – Team Lead | IT Brainiac Inc.
Princeton Forrestal Village -116 Village Blvd. Suite # 200| Princeton NJ – 08540
Desk :(609)-357-9475
Phone : (609)-669-3162 
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