User Interface (UI) Developer III Princeton, NJ (hybrid) :: only USC

User Interface (UI) Developer III  
Princeton, NJ (hybrid)
06 Months 
Occasionally as per business needs and locals are preferred 
  • Strong Typescript is important—across all platforms/applications; further emphasize strongly typed Typescript (no loose typing) 
  • React: Angular 2+ experience is OK, but React is preferred, especially recent and hands on. Context API, use of Redux. 
  • If they have worked on a project with Typescript, React and Redux: perfect combination! 
  • Understanding of JavaScript Design Patterns: deep dive, object-oriented principles 
  • Understanding asynchronous AND functional 
  • How to secure an application: practices/principles as well as the tools used 
  • Debugging skills = Chrome debugger, knowing how to track down/trace bugs, write code that tests well to protect against bugs 
  • Philosophy to unit testing: what approaches should be used and why, how to write tests, use mocks, how to test API’s, etc. And should be able to speak to it 
  • ElectronJS as a plus: not many people know/understand, so if the person can build cross platforms, this will help go forward as NAEP will be integrated into Electron in the future 
  • Speak to advantages and disadvantages, conversations around technology tradeoffs 
  • Need a contributor who can work as part of a team, approach things with a strong voice but logic and sound reasoning 
  • Strong/Expert level proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5, CSS with knowledge of internals with minimum of 5 years of experience developing world class user interfaces. 
  • Strong understanding of ReactJS and its core principles and at least two year of experience in building applications using React and Angular. 
  • Strong experience in application state management and store design like Redux and Saga. 
  • Understanding of JavaScript Design patterns, transpilers and module bundlers. 
  • Sound knowledge of ECMAScript specificatio    Strong plus: Experience building/deploying server-side applications and APIs with Node.js 
  • Understanding of Object-oriented programming, asynchronous and functional programming. 
  • Understanding of authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments. 
  • Robust debugging skills and experience of automated testing platforms and unit tests. 
  • Huge plus: Experience in building cross platform desktop apps using ElectronJS. 
  • Knowledge of other JavaScript client-side frameworks like Angular, Vue, Chart.js, D3.js a plus. 
  • Strong expertise integrating UI with backend services. Experience in development of, and/or integration with web services and RESTful APIs. 
  • Experience in developing accessible and Section 508 compliant UI interfaces is desired. 
  • Strong analytical skills, problem solving aptitude and good communications skills. 
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