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Please find the below consultant details, They are ready to get in to the new projects. Mentioned the very least rates of the consultants.

NameExpTechnologyCurrent LocationPreferred LocationVisaLeast Rates
Santosh Challa 13YrsPython Automation QA TesterCAOnly CAH1BNot less than $75/C2C
Chaitanya Seelam9YrsAutomation QA TesterPAESTH1BNot less than $60/C2C
Hussain Arjumand8YrsManual QA TesterVAOpenUSC$48-$55 on C2C
Sowjanya Poreddy7YrsManual QA TesterNJNJ/NYUSC$48-$55 on C2C
Tarun Srinivas5YrsMedical Device Validation QA TesterCAOpenOPT$50-$55 on C2C
Sandeep Sharma10YrsSAP Basis ConsultantWAOpenH1B-T$80 on C2C
Sri Charani15YrsSAP BI BW Architect MIOpenH1B-T$110-115 on C2C
Rajesh Chaskar13YrsSAP SD ConsultantGAOnly GAL2EAD$75-$80 on C2C
Priya Dharshini13YrsOracle ConsultantWAOnly WAH1B-T
Divya Prabha7Yrs.Net DeveloperMNOnly MNL2EAD$65-$70 on C2C
Bhaskar Reddy5YrsJava DeveloperNJOpenCPT

Thanks,Avinaash.MDirect : 609-614-3951
Office : 732-333-4787Universal Business Consulting Inc

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