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Please find the list of consultants who are on my bench and let me know if you have any C2C requirements for them

First Name Job Title Experience Visa Relocation Availability
Thirupati J2EE/AWS/DevOps 12 H1-B Open 2 Weeks
Ganesh Sr. .NET Developer 15 H1-B EST CST 2 Weeks
Kalaivani DevOps/Cloud Engineer 9 H1-B Open 2 Weeks
Karthik SQL/BI Developer/DBA/Architect 10 H1-B Open 2 Weeks
Tapaprava Business Intelligence Architect 11 H1-B VA,MD,DC 2 Weeks
Sanghshree UI/Full Stack Java Developer 9 H1-B Open 2 Weeks
Shilpika Weblogic Administrator 14 H1-B Open 2 Weeks
Niranjan Certified Scrum Master 16 N/A Open 2 Weeks
Mohan Project Manager, Senior 14 H1-B Open Available now
Nishant Mulesoft Developer/Lead 9 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Ramani Salesforce Developer 9 H4 EAD Open 2 Weeks
Suchintan Java Integration Lead 13 H1-BT Open 2-3 weeks
Vijaya sai Sr. Mule Developer 12 H1-BT Open 2-3 weeks
Vara Tableau Developer/Admin 14 H1-BT Open 3 Weeks
Chandru Senior UI Developer 8 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Sivanathan iOS Technical Lead/Developer 10 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Senthilkumar Senior Mainframe Developer 14 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Malvika Release Manager/Solution Delivery Manager 15 OPT-EAD Open Available now
Avinash Network Security Engineer 12 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Angaddeep DataStage Lead/Developer 11 H1-BT Open 3 Weeks
Pallaswamy Senior Oracle DBA 16 H1-BT Open 2 Weeks
Vasu SQL Server/MongoDB/Windows Administrator 10 H1-BT Open 3 Weeks

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