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Position: # Microsoft user research specialist
Location: Redmond, WA
Experience: 9+ Years
Duration: 12-18 Months Contract


A user research specialist designs and carries out qualitative and quantitative studies to deeply understand the user experience of our in-development products. The specialist translates these data into actionable findings that product teams use to improve the product.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Confidently demonstrates the ability to communicate with product team stakeholders, locally and remotely, and accurately identify critical research questions to be investigated through strong relationship management practices.
  • Confidently demonstrates the ability to consider cost, timeline, and philosophy to determine the appropriate research method to apply to an outstanding research question.
  • Designs, forecasts, and conducts user research studies, and acts as the primary communicative liaison between the product team and designated WDG R&I FTE partner.
  • Establishes deadlines associated with analyses, reports, presentations, and projects, and works closely with designated WDG R&I FTE partner to ensure timely and polished delivery of responsibilities.
  • Effectively assesses when a work item needs to be directly owned by a User Researcher and works closely with designated WDG R&I FTE partner to delegate otherwise trainable tasks to another WDG R&I FTE team member(s), based upon competency appropriateness, available staff bandwidth, and priority.


  • General knowledge of, and working experience with, human observational research, experimental design, and questionnaire research.
  • Must have participated in major research projects that involved running tests and analyzing data; working in an applied research or product development environment; and, presenting results to critical audiences is a plus.
  • Must be able to work quickly and independently.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills. Ability to communicate with, and persuade, varied audiences and argue for results (both orally and in writing) is a plus.
  • A BA/BS in Psychology (cognitive, experimental, or social), HCI/HFE, or experience in Human Factors, or User Research is required.
  • An MA/MS or PhD in Psychology, HCI/HFE, HCDE, or related field is preferred.
  • General knowledge of popular computer and video games and game culture are required.
  • Must be a ‘gamer’–likes to play games either on the PC and/or current gaming consoles (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2 – 4, Wii).


Jersey City, New Jersey, USA,
Mobile: +1 (201) 720 9993,


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