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Hello Professional, Hope you are doing well, This is Naresh and I am a Sr. Sales Recruiter at Xenon Infotech. I knock your door to build a fruitful relation on behalf of my company “XENON INFOTECH”. I have a bunch of aspirants who are actively looking for opportunities round the clock. You can have Trust and Conviction on us, as our company is renowned for it. I assure, that if you put your faith on us it won’t be Veined. Looking forward for a better future ahead with you !!! Your help and support are highly appreciated. Please add naresh.m@xenoninfotech.com to your Corp 2 Corp distribution list. hashtag#corp2corp hashtag#hotlist hashtag#c2c hashtag#usit hashtag#corptocorp hashtag#directclient hashtag#list hashtag#qatesting hashtag#bigdatahadoop hashtag#uidevelopment

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