Which is the best option for you Technical recruitment or Bench Sales ?

Which is the best for you Technical recruitment or Bench Sales , Pros and Cons
what is technical recruiting : what is technical recruiting and How the all process and flow with the help of recruiter is going to take place what is the responsibilities of the recruiter in the current scenario, clients could be your any employer would be a consulting company via Tier one client for your business who gets you the requirement and you as a recruiter who’s required to find resumes using job Boards on those US jobs and positions and submit profiles to your manager and your manager is responsible to check and analyse the resume before send to the end client.

Technical recruitment vs Bench Sales

Candidate and placement of that candidate to the job by minimizing the bench time and maximizing the profit revenues on that particular candidate based on the skills and demand so a bench salesperson is required to have skills about marketing then of those people on the jobs that has been posted on different job sites and so his Oprah would be preparing the resume prevents Consulting’s and then applying on the jobs available in the market in the contracting space as you know these veins as professionals who market the consultants cannot work on fulltime jobs so the building happens not contracting and that is how the employer makes money so for our Bench sales is day-to-day responsibility is preparing the resume and then applying the resume of that consultant to the jobs posted on various job portals and placing that candidate so this distinguishes between the difference in the job in the US staffing sector of technical recruitment professional versus
pencils let’s try first understand the distinction between these rules and the responsibilities and then you will be yourself be able to understand
which would be the best role for you if you are trying to get into the staffing business and deciding whether to recruiter or become a Bench Sales
professional so first let us understand the role and responsibilities of a recruiter in an organization so a recruiter in an organization will be taught about recruitment process immigration process then will be taught about different type of US
tax terms, US geography and will be required to have technical understanding about different roles responsibilities and domain .

Bench Sales vs Technical Recruitment

Bench Sales professional is required to have knowledgeable marketing of professionals to different platform job aggregators and you know different resources so here the the process that when salesperson goes so is more towards Immigration Department more towards paperwork more to words you know employer specific marketing you know let’s say if the employer has consultant in qab and project manager the bench salesperson required to have skills
development in that particular area of domain not needed to have all of the skills which is required to have by a recruiter when they are into recruitment industry because this professional will be working and developing the same talent in the QA project management space so this professional mentioned professional needs to have experience and knowledge about the be a QA and project management and need to know where these four opportunities comes from with your board each platform and how do you know immediately place your consultant whenever there is a job publish on those platforms the inserts needs to have so tomorrow you let’s say you decided to move to some other country or place in this scenario your pencil experience will not be able to help because they’re in other countries there will be no Bench Sales or bench marketing kind of US jobs available but for professionals they would only have to learn the immigration of that particular contrary let’s
say visas and all of those stuffs and they can you don’t be a recruitment consultant or recruitment manager in other countries as well for a Bench Sales profession of those recruitment of those bench opportunities are limited to United States .

Recruitment by joining linkdin or google groups is very easy

India and the USA is very dependent upon the bench list of the company versus the the talent that you have in that particular area for domain of expertise so it is very
you know subjective to which type of opportunity you will like to obey for recruitment professionals they can also go for freelancing to different
platforms faith and they can make money by for finding resumes and uploading those resumes on platform those are for travel to take new platforms and Bench Sales talent cannot be used you know as a freelance there might be some platforms available but I am Not sure today whether they are legit or you are seriously able to make money there are a lot of Recruiters Google Groups and recruiter linkdin group there are a lot of Recruiters Facebook groups varying you know these profiles are sent over to place candidate but not really comes back to the mainstays professional to make profit the employer get benefited if the candidate get place and not something this would be freelance as I said so these are all the opportunities recruitment professional gets not the men’s of professional Bench Sales profession has his own benefits he is able to understand the Immigration
Department more well then the recruitment professional because he deals with the Immigration Department h1B by finding h-1b transfers purchase orders PO you know contracting agreement hourly billing and all of those things and it is true that
contractors make more money than four timers and types of professionals knows this very well so if your goal is to be in United States and settle down in the longer future you can offer this role because this will actually give you long term career growth.

Which is the best for you Technical recruitment or Bench Sales ? , Please Reply?

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