WiFi Manual Tester in Englewood, CO

WiFi Manual Tester in Englewood, CO
6 Months
Note: Onsite Role from Day-01
Job Description
Client has started working from office campus since 2+ months now by rotation of resources. So Candidate has to report in office within a week (max) after that they should be local – so that work from office as per the team requirements is smooth. Hope this clarifies.
Manage project quality assurance in all stages of SDLC by preforming white Box and Black Box Testing on the CPE products such as DOCSIS 3.0 & DOCSIS 3.1 Modems & Cloud managed Routers
Evaluate Wi-Fi Features on Cloud Controlled Routers, and perform Regression testing for new firmware releases
Perform Sanity Testing on E2E environment used for test bed, Troubleshoot different types of components like db, kafka, servers, inventory systems, microservices, etc in the environment to determine the issues in the E2E flow for the test bed
Knowledge on Networking components and network infrastructure in perspective of a CPE device
Support the team with Accounts and Provisioning for CPE devices and ensure that the test bed is not broken
Knowledge on Provisioning interfaces such as CSG and ICOMS would be good, but not a hard requirement
Shaarukh Raza – Team Lead | IT Brainiac Inc.
Princeton Forrestal Village -116 Village Blvd. Suite # 200| Princeton NJ – 08540
Desk :(609)-357-9475
Phone : (609)-669-3162 
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