Urgent Require : Scala Consultant _Irving, TX



Role: Scala Consultant

Location: Irving, TX

Work Authorization: Open for all except CPT visa

Duration: Long Term


Coding test is must


Mandatory Skills: Scala, Java
Programming Languages: Scala | 4+ years & Java | >6 years
Framework: Play / Spray /Akka framework
Tool kit: Akka, SBT Parser:Lift JSON
Server side: Web Services, REST, Websockets
Data: MySQL, Database SQL command, NoSQL solution such as MongoDb, or Cassandra.
Build: NAnt, sbt, FMake, NuGet, gulp
Web: Play Framework, Spray
Operating Systems: Mac OS X, Ubuntu, Linux


Coding test

  1. Object that takes a generic list and can reverse it using a method that allows tail recursion. The test can implement an instance of any concrete object
  2. Object that takes a string of similar consecutive letters (all letters must be same case) and transforms this into a sequence consisting of the count of each consecutive letter followed by that letter. If a letter only appears once, do not apply a count. This should also demonstrate tail recursion. Also write a method that reverses this so that the output of the first method ran with this method will return the original result.

      e.g. given AAAAABBBCCC map this to 5A3B3C

              if you have some singles do not show “1”, so AAAAABCDDD maps to 5ABC3D

             the reverse maps the right side to the left.


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