Urgent hiring for Power BI Developer


We have a job profile for Power BI


Location: Raritan NJ

Experience: 10+

Job Description:

* Identify analytics needs of internal teams through a comprehensive understanding of their business and collaboration with its stakeholders.

* Partner with internal customers to develop analyses that lead to actionable insights that improve business decision making, performance, and customer experience.

* Manage analytics roadmap, priorities, and related projects.

* Define and work with stakeholders to improve data integrity and usefulness throughout the company, including identification of opportunities to improve operations and processes that impact data.

* Evaluate, develop and deploy data visualization toolsets.

* Foster cross functional/regional sharing of analytical frameworks, approaches, and insights.

* Drive maturity throughout the program through defined and documented processes and increased automation and self-service.

* Plan and ensure delivery of ongoing end user training and education for greater awareness of analytics tools and data, deeper analytical skills, and greater self service capabilities.

* Manage, mentor, and develop members of the Analytics team Will be responsible for creating Power BI reports from existing reports in Microstrategy.

* The candidate will need to:

* Analyse current Micro strategy reports and build new reports in Power BI.

* Be able to work with various data sources or multiple tables.

* Analyse and benchmark reporting performance

* Deploy to various non-prod and prod environments

* Migrate to Azure / Work with Azure services

* Work with existing data extraction methods to feed reporting platform

* Identify improvements to current data extraction process



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