Updated Hotlist From Succortechnologies

Hello Everyone,

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Greetings from Succor technologies,


This is Srikanth, Senior US IT Bench Sales recruiter from Succor technologies.


Please go through below HOTLIST and let me know on srikanth@succortechnologies.com  OR call me on direct   949-610-0025 if you have any suitable C2C requirements for my candidates.


Also, please add me in your distribution list for C2C requirements, so that I can get your daily requirements. I really appreciate if you can do this,


I look forward to working  with you .…


SH Network Security Engineer                10 GC OPEN
SL Network Engineer                 7   H4-EAD OPEN
MA Network Engineer                 7   H1B OPEN
SK Big Data Engineer                 5+   H1B OPEN


Note:  we can share passport number and LinkedIn   for genuine requirements..!

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