Splunk Admin Columbus, IN Contract Urgent required

Splunk Admin
Columbus, IN


1.Design, support and deployment of multiple Splunk Deployments.

a.        Responsible for participating in meetings with development teams and understanding the business requirements.

b.         Doing capacity planning and estimate the number of required servers and underlying volumes.

c.         Building the infrastructure and deploying Splunk cluster.

2. Developing Custom applications using python and shell scripting to fulfill the operational team requirement.

a.         Responsible for developing scripts to automate installation.

b.         Write python code to enhance the existing applications.

c.         Develop scripts to automate any tasks on configuration of infrastructure.

3.Understanding business needs and applying machine learning algorithms on the existing data and analyzing the patterns of the outcome to predict the future growth.

a.         Responsible to understand the data of the applications in Splunk.

b.         Understand the business requirement and apply various machine learning algorithms.

c.         Responsible to analyze the trends and provide the results to developers to improve the application performances.

4.        Developing scripts in python and shell scripting to automate building infrastructure components in AWS and on prem Linux environments.

a.         Build infrastructure components required for Splunk deployment in AWS.

b.         Automate building components using scripts and AWS lambda functions.

c.         Build severs in on Prem and integrate with cloud environment.

5.Taking leadership of the tasks and issues in Jira and perform any required coding and fix issues without breaching sla on the tickets.

6.Using Configuration management tools like Puppet and building modules using ruby to automate configuration changes and installations in high level production scale environment.

a.         Understanding config management tools like puppet and installation of puppet agents on the servers.

b.         Developing puppet modules in ruby for automatic installation of splunk clients on all the server in various OS platforms.

c.         Responsible for developing modules across all the OS platforms linux, windows ubuntu and making sure application successful works after installation.

This is the corp to corp opportunity , Please share updated Resume asap, thanks


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