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Title:RF Circuit Design Engineer



Visa:Any Visa


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Job description for the positions are listed below the Keywords and RED-FLAG-Reject Key Words to help in screening resumes

Additionally, after the job Description are the Prior Reject reasons for all of the candidates from Client

RF Circuit Design Engineer Job Description:


Responsible for design & development of mobile device antenna and RF/antenna-subsystems for handheld battery-operated Enterprise-class, data & voice-enabled smart-devices. You would be working in a global situated, engineering cross-functional project development team environment, where your responsibilities would include:

• Ensure the handheld RF/antenna system will fully meet Customer/Regulatory/Carrier performance requirements, via creating RF Link budgets, RF/system computer simulation analysis

• Design products with wireless technologies spanning 700MHz to 6GHz; including, but not limited to: GSM, LTE, CDMA, GPS, Wi-Fi, 802.11n/ac, NFC/HF-RFID and Bluetooth

• Creating Test Plans, creating prototypes, directing testing, and performing hands-on RF integration and debug experiments of antenna/RF integration using commercial lab equipment such as Spectrum Analyzers, Base Station Emulators, Signal Simulators, Network Analyzers, SAR equipment, and OTA (i.e., TRP/TIS) SISO and MIMO measurement chambers

• Scope out the RF task effort and communicating development status & issues to the broader program team


• Education: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering (or equivalent) minimum; MS or PHD preferred

• 5+ years of applicable hands-on industry experience in embedded RF circuit design & integration, Electromagnetic fields and Microwaves; relevant working experience in antenna & RF/System integration for handheld mobile device applications is preferred

• Strong Experience with RF/EM CAD simulation (ADS, etc.) including RF Simulation of circuits, PCBs, Link budget analysis

• Experience with PCB board development of RF Circuits & matching-circuits with knowledge of techniques used in designing for EMI compliance and noise sensitive receivers

• SAR/HAC design experience & recent compliance success

• Excellent written and oral communication skills

• Ability to work independently with motivation and self-direction

• Fluent in English verbal & written language; Chinese or Mandarin is a plus

Preference given to recent practical experience in:

• Hands-on embedded RF design and associated testing & qualification experience for Consumer Smartphone applications

• RF aspects of a complete mobile product development life-cycle

• RF/antenna design for FCC/ETSI/3GPP/3GPP2/PTCRB/GCF compliance & recent success cases

• Hands-on RF/antenna/system testing experience including cabled and radiated methods

• Noise / RF interference mitigation and troubleshooting methods

• RF system integration (Radio/Antenna) optimization and debugging

++ Key words which a great candidate would have: ADS, Allegro, CST, Desense, carrier aggregation, MIMO, line-up analysis, blocking, IM3, coexistence, RF front end, receive desense, LNA, SAR , tuning, matching, PCB Design, EMC, FCC, of Power Amplifiers, Low-noise amplifiers, duplexers, receive filters , Transmit output power, Primary/Diversity Receiver sensitivity, harmonics , noise suppression

++ These words should flag a candidate that we would most likely “reject” for non-applicable experience that should be double check prior to submitting for consideration

“Macro/Small Cell Design/In Building design” “Managed Network Services”, RFDS, ATOLL , RF Planning

• End date or assignment duration: EO DEC 2021

• Will there be a cushion added for overtime work, if so, what percentage? No

• Will the PO need to be padded for expenses, if so, what percentage? No

• 1st day reporting details (what door to go to, what time to arrive, who to ask for):Holtsville NY

• Work Schedule: M-F

• Interview Process: will this be a phone or in-person interview: phone interview initially then in person

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