New Job Opening-Backend Tester

Vertex It Service is looking for an experienced Back-end API Tester to fill a position in a team at Denver, CO. This is a hands-on testing position which requires demonstrated knowledge/experience and understanding of all aspects of Software testing methodologies and tools. This individual will determine if there is a product defect or script issue, and on occasion create custom scripted logic to meet the needs of their scripts data assertions and needs if not supported or scalable using out of the box functionality from the Parasoft SOAtest tool.
This role requires strong API and back end testing experience. You will be responsible for the APIs that push product data and test import and export files. You will also be required to define and execute backend software testing, providing test reports, define test data for positive and negative test scenarios, and understanding of source and target mappings.


• Technical Education Background, Bachelors in IT/CS or any equivalent
• Minimum 5+ years of testing experience mainly focusing Backend Testing with API Testing experience.
• Expert in using Parasoft SOAtest, or related API testing tool.
• Proficient in REST API, Micro services, Web services and API integration testing using Postman.
• Knowledge of Azure blob storage and supporting tools
• Knowledge of JIRA for work item life cycle management
• Proficient in testing data in import and export files, and submitting and inspecting API payloads, troubleshooting
• Ability to define and execute backend software testing, provide testing reports, define test data for positive and negative test scenarios, understanding of source and target mappings etc.
• Strong understanding of software testing life cycle with focus in software backend testing
• Good understanding of JSON and XML, schema validations, JSON and XML payload manipulation for testing purpose
• Good understanding of various HTTP methods, HTTP status codes and API endpoints for the purpose of testing
• Experience with CI/CD tools, such as Jenkins, to create and maintain automation and manual testing infrastructure
• Strong SQL experience and knowledge

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