Need SRE DevOps For Contract in Sunnyvale CA H1B GC USC Linked In Must

Need SRE/DevOps For Contract in Sunnyvale, CA H1B GC USC

10 + Yrs.

Mandatory Skills

– Scripting and automation: Python, Go, etc
– Very good troubleshooting (network & systems)
– Excellent monitoring: Tools such as Splunk, ELK, SumoLogic, Prometheus, Nagios, Datadog, Grafana, Splunk, etc
– Networking (should be able to understand and triage performance, latency, routing, LB issues)
– Good Linux knowledge
– Good attitude, communication & collaboration
– Support model in 24×7 coverage and on-call


Preferred Tools/Functions

– DevOps/SRE tools and methodology: Git, Ansible, Saltstack, Terraform
– CI/CD deployments: Jenkins pipelines, Spinnaker
– Container technologies: Docker & Kubernetes
– Ability to code and deploy in Python and Golang
– Database knowledge: NoSQL & SQL
– Large scale production environment support experience
– Ability to self learn and work independently on project deliverables





Name – Bhawani Shankar Pandey | Designation- IT Recruiter

direct: 919-3641229 | EMAIL


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