Need L3 MYSQL/Postgre SQL/DB2 Admin for Dallas – 3 position

L3 MYSQL Admin – Dallas



  1. Good Knowledge of RDBMS concept.
  2. Good Knowledge of MySQL Database architecture.
  3. Installation/Upgrade of MySQL Server on Windows/Linux environment.
  4. Backup and restoration of database
  5. Understanding of Views, Function, Procedure ,Trigger, Cursor in mysql
  6. Knowledge of MySQL client tools like Sqlyog,Monyog, Workbench etc.
  7. Able to write simple/complex queries and fetch data as required.

Issues related to Host down, MySQL Services down, client lose connections etc.

  1. Need to understand about the Replication failure errors and take necessary steps
  2. Provisioning new MySQL hosts and software
  3. User access requests, including for new programs or new client machines
  4. Provide DBA services including installations, replication, backups, loads, and schema alterations for all prod Databases in all MySQL versions.
  5. Good knowledge on Linux environment
  6. Hands on Experience in MySQL Migrations and upgrades from all versions.
  7. Contribute to database planning efforts such as DR, tool selection, and scaling initiatives.
  8. Should have excellent communication skills to effectively interface with client users internal offshore team



L3 PostgreSQL Admin – Dallas


  1. In depth knowledge of PostgreSQL DB architecture.
  2. Clusters and upgrading/migrating various PostgreSQL database version.
  3. Database tuning.
  4. Develop database automation scripts and maintenance.
  5. Experience in setting up replication / HA environment.
  6. Drive end to end availability performance monitoring, and capacity planning for PostgreSQL.
  7. Monitor and maintain the backups for database recoverability for all production databases, PITR replicating.
  8. Provide suggestions / guidance on implementing security features.
  9. Ability to troubleshoot database issues to get quick solution.
  10. Provide technical guidance for integration, planning of new production systems/databases.
  11. Contribute to improving and creating DBA policies, procedures and standards
  12. Implement automated methods and industry best practices for consistent installation, configuration, and integration of PostgreSQL for production, pre-production and non-production environments.



L3 DB2 (Open System) Admin – Dallas



  1. Provide DBA Support on all aspects of database administration including backup/recovery, real time prodution troubleshooting on DB2 LUW databases.
  2. Install, configure, monitor, upgrade and maintain databases in production and non-production environments.
  3. Dignose and address database performance issues using performance monitors and various tuning techniques
  4. Review and deploy DB2 assigned product maintenance releases in accordance with prioritized lists of enhancements and defects
  5. Participate in DB2 upgrade strategy and planning initiatives and provide and produce effective plan for upgrade and migration activities
  6. Experience in supporting critical production transaction environments with high availability Setup
  7. Responsible for providing plan to implement and modify available high availability and replication setup on database platforms
  8. Provide support to recovery database and objects using available replication tools and methods
  9. Participate in SQL query tuning activites and responsible for implementing required indexes and access plan improvements
  10. Should provide support on automation initiatives and implement the shell scripts for regular DBA activites
  11. Participate and implement scripts for scheduled maintenance activities, capacity planning initiatives, etc.
  12. Interact with System administrators from platform/backup/storage/VM environment teams for issues related to Database




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