Job Opening – Infrastructure Cloud consultant(GCP)

Hi Business Partner,

We have just received a requirement from the client for an Infrastructure Cloud consultant.
Please find below the tasks/skills for the role.

Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions.

● Review and document Customer’s current GCP architecture and foundational elements across:

  • ○ Access (org hierarchy, service accounts, user access, and roles)
  • ○ Resource management (naming conventions, resource labeling, policies)
  • ○ Networking (VPC, Security, DNS, Load Balancer)
  • ○ Billing
  • ○ Compute
  • ○ Storage
  • ○ Monitoring, Logging and Alerting
  • ○ Support case management strategy
  • ○ Debugging and triaging
  • ○ Backups and business continuity

● Provide recommendations to improve Customer’s architecture based on GCP best practices

and requirements.

● Conduct up to five deep-dive sessions each to cover: Identity and Access Management: Single Sign-On, secret managements, access

permissions, granular permissions, Operations: Monitoring, logging and alerting

● Provide guidance to deploy agreed upon recommendations

IAC Architecture Recommendations

Google and Customer Confidential

● Define automation strategy for repeatable deployments and management of the GCP


● Design a CI/CD deployment pipeline for non-production environments

● Automation Strategy: Tooling and process to manage repeatable deployments within GCP


○ Detailed GCP design including output of review sessions, designs, and process


○ Automation strategy for repeatable deployments and management of the GCP


● Sample scripts and Terraform modules that will be leveraged to provision and configure services

within GCP




Thanks & Regards,

Azaharuddin Syed 

Senior Resource Specialist

Yochana IT Solutions Inc.




Direct: 949 201 1303,Mobile: 732 623 3638

Address: 23000 Commerce Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48335



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