Job Opening – Infrastructure Cloud consultant

Hi Business Partner,

We have just received a requirement from the client for an Infrastructure Cloud consultant.
Please find below the tasks/skills for the role.

Feel free to reach out to me if there are any questions.

● Review and document Customer’s current GCP architecture and foundational elements across:

  • ○ Access (org hierarchy, service accounts, user access, and roles)
  • ○ Resource management (naming conventions, resource labeling, policies)
  • ○ Networking (VPC, Security, DNS, Load Balancer)
  • ○ Billing
  • ○ Compute
  • ○ Storage
  • ○ Monitoring, Logging and Alerting
  • ○ Support case management strategy
  • ○ Debugging and triaging
  • ○ Backups and business continuity

● Provide recommendations to improve Customer’s architecture based on GCP best practices

and requirements.

● Conduct up to five deep-dive sessions each to cover: Identity and Access Management: Single Sign-On, secret managements, access

permissions, granular permissions, Operations: Monitoring, logging and alerting

● Provide guidance to deploy agreed upon recommendations

IAC Architecture Recommendations

Google and Customer Confidential

● Define automation strategy for repeatable deployments and management of the GCP


● Design a CI/CD deployment pipeline for non-production environments

● Automation Strategy: Tooling and process to manage repeatable deployments within GCP


○ Detailed GCP design including output of review sessions, designs, and process


○ Automation strategy for repeatable deployments and management of the GCP


● Sample scripts and Terraform modules that will be leveraged to provision and configure services

within GCP


Let me know if you have any active profiles.
Looking forward to hearing from you.




Thanks & Regards,

Azaharuddin Syed 

Senior Resource Specialist

Yochana IT Solutions Inc.




Direct: 949 201 1303,Mobile: 732 623 3638

Address: 23000 Commerce Drive, Farmington Hills, MI 48335



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