Immediate need of Cloud AWS Database Admin in Northfield, IL

Immediate need of Cloud AWS Database Admin in Northfield, IL
Cloud AWS Database Admin
Northfield, IL
9 Months
Initial remote
Must have skills :
Exp. in Dynamo Database Administration on AWS Cloud
Exp. in SQL Database Administration on AWS Cloud
CloudFormation scripting
Redshift Administration on AWS Cloud
PostgreSQL Database Administration on AWS Cloud
Snowflake Database Administration on AWS Cloud
Lambda programming
Job Description:
Candidate should possess hands on experience in working on relational and non-relational databases (DynamoDB, Redshift, PostgeSQL) on AWS (amazon web services) infrastructure. He should be able to well versed in data modelling concepts with experience in backup, restore and refresh of databases. He should also monitor and report database health check reports along with supporting the database migration as part of release management. He should be good in communication and work along with offshore team to deliver value to the clients. He should be proactive in proposing ideas and solutions to the clients.
1. AWS specific duties/skills needed:
i. Overall experience and understanding of Amazon (AWS) cloud infrastructure.
ii. Able to support RDS database such as Dynamo DB, Resdhsift, Postgres database and SQL server Database
iii. Able to support Non-RDS database on EC2 such as Postgres database, MS SQL, Dynamo DB and Redshift databases
iv. Able to support activities related to Snowflake administration.
v. Monitoring and auditing using CloudWatch (alerts)
vi. Developing CloudFormation scripts
vii. Manage database security and ensure data and databases are fully secured and comply with CAP cybersecurity policy.
viii. Experience with DB platform transactional management, indexing strategies and maintenance, backup and recovery models, and performance tuning.
ix. Apply latest DB patches for non-RDS databases as deemed necessary.
x. Proactive monitoring and performance tuning from AWS cloud infrastructure, database level and query tuning.
xi. Core Infrastructure activities will be out of scope (except for DB configuration using CLI) as the DB servers will be hosted on cloud
2. Core Data Base Administrator (“DBA”) responsibilities
i. Extensive experience with Data Modelling
ii. Experience with AWS CLI and CloudFormation for DB operations
iii. Apply data modeling techniques to ensure development and implementation support efforts meet integration and performance expectations.
iv. Refine and automate regular processes including, but not limited to (like DB errors, lock contention, space issues, any other Azure specific issues), track issues, and document changes
v. Database backup, restore and refresh activities
vi. Extensive hands-on experience with SQL tuning and Stored Procedures tuning.
vii. Troubleshoot and correct various problems that arise in day-to-day work. Independently analyze, solve and correct issues in real time and providing problem resolution end-to-end, conducting root cause analysis.
viii. Perform scheduled maintenance outside CAP business hours and during Release
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