How to Start Your Own Recruiting, Staffing & Consulting Business And Be Self Employed | Dee Williams

We understand how challenging is can be to deal with the stresses and demands that you’re facing each and every day with setting up and running your recruitment business. So, here at Identifize Consulting, we have developed a methodology that allows YOU to assist us in designing the perfect coaching partnership around your specific goals and challenges. That’s right! You help design the partnership with us and we will support you in every way possible. We will support you to achieve your desired results faster. Whether your goals are related specifically to recruiting, sales, technology, process, social media, or management, we will coach you to be your best and to maximize your results.

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If you’re new to my channel 😘, my name is Dee Williams and I’m a Recruitment & Staffing Consultant and Coach who works with many companies assisting with the growth and learning of their recruitment and staffing function. Find out more or get in touch at:

I also work with professional entrepreneurs looking to start, setup, run, and scale their niche’ recruitment and staffing business. Find out more or get in touch at:

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