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Dear Business Partner,
I hope you’re having a wonderful day.
Are you and your team searching for IT talent for any contract positions?
If so, contact me today and I will try my best to help you with my exclusive database of senior IT consultants in top technologies.
Looking forward to building new key partnerships for 2021 and beyond. Thanks!


Name Skill Experience Location Work Authorization Relocation
Arnab Linux Admin 13+ Dallas, TX H1B Open
Mourya Big Data/Hadoop Admin 8 Dallas, TX H1B Open
Sudha Network Security Engineer 8 San Jose, CA H1B Open
Mani UI Angular Developer 7 Orlando, FL H1B Open
Ram Cloud DevOps 6+ Atlanta, GA H1B Open
Rohini Azure .Net Developer 6+ Redmond, WA H1B Open

Thanks & Regards
Junaid Khan
Sapphire Software Solutions Inc
20130 Lakeview Center Plaza, Suite 400,

Ashburn, VA 20147
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