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Hope You Doing well!
This is Harsh working with Dash Technology Inc. “Dash Technology Inc.” is US based staffing & recruitment company which is working on the recruitment side as well as having our own consultants in a various skill set and domain. 

Wanted to know if you have any open requirement, that you might be currently working on and would need help in fulfilling it.

I request you to kindly take a minute to Add Me (harsh.p@dashtechinc.com) to your mailing lists/systems/alerts for me to be able to get all your requirements and serve them appropriately.

I am handling the candidate Peiying Peng, Rajiv Reddy, Ronak Gor and Sami Alasami,
So Kindly call me as per my candidate requirements.

Looking forward to working with you. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns. Thank you!

Below is the list of our W2 or C2C Consultants. We are also open to provide you resource on your W2 and Fulltime basis requirement.

Name Job Title Number Experience State Visa Status Relocation RESUME
Suranjana Ghosh Business Analyst 614-385-1402 9+ WA GC WA Request resume
Nitin Kumar Kevadiya Business Analyst 614-335-4575 5+ NJ OPT Open Request resume
Kalpanish Kothari Business Analyst/supply chain 6143357201 3+ GA OPT Open Request resume
Kushagra Business Analyst 614-335-4011 4+ NJ OPT-EAD Open Request resume
Luna Kafle Business Analyst 614-418-6279 4+ OH OPT Open Request resume
Priyanshi Vaghani Business Analyst 614-548-8034 3+ TX OPT Dallas Only Request resume
Jyothika Business Analyst 614-954-0542 6 WI GC Open Request resume
Stanley Business Analyst 614-548-8206 5 NH GC EAD Open Request resume
Harsh Desai Business Analyst 614-954-4513 3+ MD GC Open Request resume
Java Developer/UI Developer
Amaninder Singh Java Developer 614-954-4520 4+ WA GC-EAD WA,TX Request resume
Nilesh Java Developer 614-335-7150 4+ IL OPT-EAD Open Request resume
Bhakti Java Developer 614-335-4947 4+ NJ OPT NJ , NY Request resume
Rajiv Reddy Java Developer 614-385-0307 5+ FL OPT Open Request resume
Shivani Abhyankar Java Backend Developer 267-828-0478 3 CA OPT-EAD CA Bay Area Request resume
Sangeetha Sankar Java Developer 614-954-0542 4+ MI L2 EAD Greater Detroit area Request resume
Jinal Shah Java Developer 614-418-6279 3+ NJ OPT Open Request resume
Archit Front End Developer 614-385-1402 4 KY OPT Open Request resume
Divya Agrawal Etl Tester 614-548-8034 9+ CA H4 EAD CA Request resume
Bejina Lama Tableau Developer 614-385-1449 4+ OH OPT Open Request resume
Poonam Tableau Developer 614-954-4513 3+ KY OPT Open Request resume
Khag Raj Tableau Developer 614-968-8201 4+ OH OPT Open Request resume
.Net Developer
Kavitha .Net Developer 614-385-2256 11+ GA H4EAD Savannah , GA Request resume
Srividhya QA Automation & manual tester 614‑335-4531 5+ NJ USC NJ Request resume
Priyali QA 614-954-4522 3+ NJ USC NJ Request resume
Darshak Patel QA automation 614-335-4820 4+ MD GC Open Request resume
Ketul Manual QA 614-954-4520 4+ VA OPT Open Request resume
Subhasini QA Selenium Tester 614-548-8034 5+ TX H4EAD TX Request resume
Mounika QA Automation 614-385-2986 3+ IL H4EAD IL Request resume
Devendra QA 614-954-0271 4+ NJ CPT Open Request resume
Sadida Data ScientistAnalyst 614-954-0271 5+ OH GC Cleveland, OH Request resume
Shivangi Data Analyst 614-335-4820 3+ CA OPT Open Request resume
Akash Data Analyst/Business Analyst 614-335-4011 3+ MA OPT-EAD North-EST Area Request resume
Ronak Data Science 614-385-0307 4+ NJ OPT Open Request resume
Peiying Data Analyst/Data Scientist 614-385-0307 3+ NY OPT Open Request resume
Mayuresh Data Analyst 614-954-4522 7+ TX OPT Open Request resume
Kaustubh Data Analyst 614-385-1449 3+ TX OPT Open Request resume
Nayana Data Analyst 614-954-4520 4+ MI H4 EAD MI,CA,IL,NY,OH,WI,IA Request resume
Network Engineer/System Administrator
Sahil Network Engineer 614-697-0259 3+ IL GC EAD IL, IN Request resume
Khushbu System Administrator 267-828-0478 4 CA GC CA Request resume
Venkata Network Administrator 614-385-2256 3+ IL H1B Open Request resume
Aniket Network Administrator 614-385-2256 3+ HI OPT Open Request resume
Gaurav Debnath Network Engineer 614-954-0542 5+ CA OPT Open Request resume
Sami Network Administrator 614-385-0307 4+ TX OPT TX Request resume
Soumak Network Engineer 614‑335-4531 3+ GA H1b Open Request resume
Laxmi Network Engineer 614-385-2256 3+ CA OPT Open Request resume
Hemangi Network Engineer 614-968-9513 3+ NY OPT Open Request resume
Big Data / Hadoop Developer
Shilpa Shree Srinivasa Big Data / Hadoop Developer 614-968-8201 4 TX H4EAD Houston,TX Request resume
Game Developer
Abhijeet Singh Game Designer 267-828-0478 4+ CA OPT OPEN Request resume
Python Developer
Aayush Shah Full stack Python Developer 267-828-0478 3 CA OPT NY,NJ Request resume
Aashay Python Developer 614-954-4522 3+ NJ OPT-EAD Open Request resume

Thanks & Regards,

Harsh PatelBench Sales Recruiter
E-Verified | Dash Technologies Inc.

2687 Sawbury Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43235

P:614.385.0307 E: harsh.p@dashtechinc.com 

We specialize in transforming our customers’ business continuity by providing the right insight, deploying the most sought-after technology solutions.

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