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Please let me know if you have any Google Cloud Sales Engineers available.  We have a remote project and is a 6 month contract.  Corp to Corp ok. Please send back any resume with rate and full contact details.


Title: Google Cloud Sales Engineer
Start Date: 10/01/2020
End Date: 03/15/2021
Type: Contract


Google Cloud Sales Engineer

The Engineer will be responsible for supporting applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The job responsibilities include the setup and maintenance of GCP infrastructure for applications new to the GCP platform.

Responsibilities also include monitoring applications and responding to incoming tickets from application teams.Consultant will assist in setup, configuration and diagnosis of application and infrastructure problems on the Google Cloud Platform.

Services are constrained to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)  and  Google App Engine (GAE), or bare project with managed services/APIs

In this department,  SEs rely primarily on the following tools and skills/experience:


Kubernetes / GKE also Helm/Tiller with Kubernetes pkgs)


Google App Engine (GAE)



Terraform/Atlantis – module based


IP Networking (including Firewalls, routing, Proxy, load balancers, etc)



General Web protocols

DBA/DBSE skills – Cloud SQL, Spanner, BigQuery, etc

Security best practices (IE no passwords in source repos)



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BalRam Sharma | Technical Recruiter

Delta System & Software, Inc.

Cell no: 469-378-0271
(Please E-mail me if I miss your phone call)

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