Database Administrator – Data Warehouse (DW) Advanced





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Database Administrator – Data Warehouse (DW) Advanced

Tallahassee, Alaska,Florida

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Scope of Work/Job Characteristics


The work shall be conducted ONSITE

 Scope of Work/Job Characteristics

The Database Administrator will perform the following duties and responsibilities in this position:
• Analyze developer’s needs for new objects and make recommendations as to the most efficient way to implement the requirements while ensuring optimization;
• Code stored procedures, triggers, and views using Ansii standard SQL and SQL Server Transact SQL;
• Develop and maintain technical specifications, standards, procedures, and techniques for collecting, processing, storing, and distributing data;
• Develop and maintain processes that optimize databases and queries to ensure response times are kept to a minimum;
• Analyze, troubleshoot, and resolve SQL database issues to minimize impact on users;
• Create SQL Server Integration Systems (SSIS) Packages that push data to SQL server databases from IBM mainframe SQL databases;
• Write SQL Server Powershell scripts for use in monitoring SQL Server database activity;

• Create SQL Server indexes as needed to improve the performance of FDC’s applications;
• Refresh Development and Test SQL environments with production data as needed for testing out program changes; and

• Restore SQL databases when requested.






4  Requirements/Qualifications




The Department is seeking a full-time, on-site, Database Administrator throughout the contract term of this RFQ. The position’s required education, required qualifications, and preferred qualifications are described in Sections 4.1 through 4.3 below, and must be verifiable in the candidate’s resume.

NOTE: Any successful candidate with access to the Department’s network is required to complete the Department’s Security Awareness Training within 30 calendar days of hire.



4.1  Education Requirements




Bachelor’s Degree, from an accredited college/university, in Computer Science, Information Systems, other related field, or four (4) years of equivalent work experience.



4.2  Required Qualifications




The Department requires the candidate has the following experience, skills, and/or knowledge for this position:

• Five (5) or more years of senior level experience in SQL Server administration;
• Five (5) or more years of experience with SQL Server Distributed Transactions Services (DTS);
• Five (5) or more years of experience with SQL Server Integration Systems (SSIS) Packages’; and
• Experience migrating legacy SQL servers to SQL 2012 and higher.

NOTE: In addition to the above list, all selected candidates must successfully complete a Level II Background Check.



4.3  Preferred Qualifications




The Department prefers the candidate has the following experience, skills, and/or knowledge for this position:

• Experience within a correctional SQL Server environment;
• Experience with Oracle People First Data warehouse;
• Five (5) or more years of administering SQL server 2005 / 2012 databases;
• Experience writing, testing, and executing SQL and T-SQL code;
• Ability to analyze SQL database objects including indexes, stored procedures, and views for optimization purposes;
• Three (3) or more years of developing ETL processes using SSIS packages to be used to populate a data warehouse environment;
• Experience preparing status reports and providing management briefings;
• State government projects experience;
• Experience using Offender Based Information System (OBIS); and
• Knowledge of Information Technology standards in a criminal justice environment.






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