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 Title: Data Scientist

 Location: Redmond,WA

 Experience: 8+ yrs.

 Client: TCS/microsoft


Job Description:

·         Experience building data models and optimizing complex SQL queries

·         Data Management, Data Engineering & BI Reporting

·         Data extraction, transformation and Processing on Big Data platform; Pipeline development in Big Data platform

·         Azure Databricks, Spark and experience with big data technologies

·         Work with stakeholder teams to assist with data-related technical issues and support their data infrastructure needs

·         Develop automated pipeline using BI Tools; Develop & deployment BI Objects

·         Prepare data for analysis/reporting consumption using Power BI and Power BI Report Development

·         Development of BI Dashboard using Power BI

·   'Working knowledge on traditional statistical model building (Regression, Classification, Time series, Segmentation etc.), Machine learning (Random forest,                 Boosting, SVM, KNN etc).

·      Basic knowledge of deep learning techniques (like CNN, RNN, LSTM, Transfer learning) and NLP techniques (like Stemming, Lemmatization, Named entity                    extraction, LDA, Latent semantic analysis etc)

·   Understanding of Azure ML Service and able to implement models to production

·         Experience with GitHub, DevOps, Hands on coding experience in Python & R”

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