Corp to corp HOTLIST Hotlist – Summitworks Inc. Call Idris- 908-279-0076



This is regarding the Updated Hot-List of “Summitworks” consultants, who are actively looking for a new contract opportunity; please let me know if you have any suitable requirements for our active consultants.

Also, please add” target=”_blank”> to your list. So that together, we can help each other. or
HOT LIST-SUMMITWORKS -Reach me at 908-279-0076
Name Technology Exp Visa Status Location Relocation
Andrew  Full Stack Java Developer                                                                                                     3+Years GC  NJ  OPEN
Jordan    Full Stack Java Developer 4+ Years USC  NJ  OPEN
Vinita  Full Stack Java/Angular Developer 3.5 Years H4-EAD VA  OPEN
Xijanga  Full Stack Java Developer 5+Years OPT -EAD NJ  OPEN
Qunchao  Full Stack Java Developer 3.5 Years OPT -EAD NJ  OPEN
Godze Full Stack Java Developer 4.5 Years OPT -EAD NJ  OPEN
Kenny MERN Stack Developer 5+ Years USC NJ  OPEN
Kyle Full Stack Python AWS Developer 5+ Years USC  NJ  OPEN
Shubham Full Stack Python AWS Developer 5+ Years OPT -EAD  NJ  OPEN
Tin Full Stack Python AWS Developer 6+ Years OPT -EAD NJ  OPEN
Neha Full Stack .Net Developer 5+ Years USC  NJ  OPEN
Jad Full Stack .Net Developer 5+ Years USC NJ  OPEN
Angle Full Stack .Net Developer 3+ Years OPT -EAD  NJ  OPEN
Kevin Full Stack .Net Developer 6+ Years GC  NJ  OPEN
Kanjail Full Stack .Net Developer 5+ Years OPT -EAD  NJ  OPEN
Jay Full Stack .Net Developer 5+ Years OPT -EAD NJ  OPEN


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