:: Cloudera / Hadoop Admin ::: Atlanta, Georgia ::: 12 Months

Hi ,
This is MIke from Oloop Technology Solutions. Given below are the details of a position with one of our clients and was wondering if you would be interested or can recommend someone who would be interested in this job opportunity

Job Details:
Cloudera / Hadoop Admin
12 Months
Atlanta, Georgia 
Exp: 8 Yrs Must 
Visa:USC,GC Only 
Primary Skills: Hadoop, MapReduce, HDFS
Functional Title: Cloudera / Hadoop Admin

Job Description:  

1.1 Requirements
. Supplier will provide Hadoop Support. Specifically, Supplier will:
(a) install, configure, maintain, support, and administer Hadoop Software;
(b) test, verify, and install all Hadoop and Operating System patches and hotfixes adhering to client approved Change Management procedures;
(c) configure and maintain XML Configuration files, shell scripts and variables;
(d) configure and maintain logging services;
(e) configure clusters and daemons;
(f) configure and maintain Hadoop Distributed File System (“HDFS”) Namenode Federation and/or high availability;
(g) assist developers with the configuration of job and individual operation level scope;
(h) configure and maintain automatic failover;
(i) configure and maintain security options, such as Kerberos principals, including:
(1) primaries;
(2) instances; and
(3) realms;
(j) perform resource management, including:
(1) setting and maintaining HDFS quotas; and
(2) configuring and managing First-In First-Out (“FIFO”) and Fair schedulers;
(k) configure and maintain the capacity scheduler;
(l) manage Hadoop processes, including starting and stopping processes manually or with initialization scripts;
(m) perform HDFS maintenance tasks, including:
(1) adding data-nodes;
(2) decommissioning data-nodes;
(3) checking file-system integrity;
(4) balancing HDFS block data; and
(5) replacing failed disks;
(n) perform MapReduce maintenance tasks, including:
(1) adding a taskTracker;
(2) decommissioning a taskTracker;
(3) killing MapReduce jobs as required;
(4) killing MapReduce tasks as required; and
(5) restarting blacklisted taskTracker;
(o) perform ongoing optimization and tuning;
(p) configure, maintain and perform data ingestion;
(q) configure and perform data and system backup and recovery;
(r) troubleshoot, diagnose and implement fixes or changes to correct any issues or Incidents; and
(s) produce reports related to the Hadoop environment sufficient to report on Hadoop data slices as defined by client to support the chargeback of services to client Authorized Users.

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