3bstaffing.com c2C New Consultants(BA,Scrum,QA and Project manager) available for Corptocorp only

Hope you are doing well,
Here am attaching my consultant resume, Please go through It. if you have any requirements suitable for my consultants please get back to me ASAP.
Name Visa Skill Relocation Location Exp
shivani H1b BA – Healthcare Open FL 7+
Subhdeep H1b BA – Finance/Banking/Insurance Open NJ 6+
Syed GC BA – Finance/Banking Open CA 8
Mazhar GC BA – Finance/Banking/Insurance Open MN 8+
Meitray GC BA – P&C/Guidewire Open NJ 6+
Prashant GCEAD BA – Finance/Banking Open NJ 6
Sana USC BA- Banking/Mortgage/Healthcare/Financial open CT 8
 Pavitar USC BA – Finance/Banking Open VA 8
Priyanka LNU USC BA – Healthcare Open CA 8+
Sarabjit USC BA – Healthcare Open CA 7.5+
Taranjeet USC BA – Finance/Banking Open OH 7+
Afreen USC BA – Healthcare Open VA 7+
Samman USC BA – Banking/Financial/Healthcare Open CA 7+
Papia USC BA – Finance/Banking/Insurance Open VA 7+
Monali H4EAD BA – Healthcare Open TN 7+
Sindhuri H4EAD BA – Healthcare Open VA 11+
Niru H4EAD BA – Healthcare Open OH 8+
Ranu H4EAD BA – Healthcare Open TX 7+
Anusha H4EAD BA – Insurance Open CA 8+
Ezhi GC Project Manager/Scrum Master Open TX 10
Sukhhi USC Project Manager/Scrum Master Open FL 8+
Fahad USC Project Manager/Scrum Master Open IL 9
Sarla H4EAD Scrum Master Open TX 8
 Manjit USC Project Manager/Scrum Master NY/NJ NC 10+
Heena GC QA Open FL 8+
Amandeep GC QA Open FL   7+
Sangeetha H4EAD QA Open VA 9+

Sr.Bench Sales Recruiter
3B Staffing LLC
One Gateway Center
STE 2600
Newark, NJ 07102

Email: Kevin@3bstaffing.com
Direct: 973-221-3254

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