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What is corp to Corp hotlist ? why corp to corp hotlist is very important for us it recruiter

Corp to corp Hotlist as nothing but at a time saving technique to submit different type of consultant on the Rapid basis if I us it recruiter as walking on corp2corp requirement then there as a limitation of of timing there recruiter have to submit particular skin on the Fastrack basis because if you can take the example of the implementation partner like TCS Wipro and Tech Mahindra including with birlasoft these are the implementation company which is basically implement different type of end client projects and there are a huge number of us staffing company who are basically working on on the panel of these implementation partner once a a requirement is posted on any of this implementation partner portal online then thousands of recruiters working on the same time due to the requirement which is basically on corp2corp basis is very critical and their required the profile as soon as possible because of recruiters simultaneously working on the same requirement including with some of the internal recruiter of of implementation partners

How does Corp to corp hotlist reduce your time and make your recruitment faster smarter better ?

This is the fact that in corp2corp recruitment there as a bone between the implementation company and the vendor company on which the consultant is basically working on so there as a huge chances where if you’re walking through any of the particular vendor then they have a huge number of consultant available on the bench and once you got any of the project with that particular vendor then your trust is built to that particular vendor so if there is any requirement as send to the recruiter via the manager so you can see us it recruiter is basically mass mailing on corp2corp waterless this is basically an approach in which recruiter sev his or her time because if the vendor have any of consultant available he directly share with the recruiter and after that the Sourcing process in which there as a huge consume of the time will be reduced because once you mail any of the requirement to the vendor list then there will be a huge possibility then you get the right consultant and as per the discussion with speed in US it recruitment this is very necessary to make the speed and submit candidate on the right way so this is very important to to make your vendor list in such a way there as only 1% of the bounce back of the email because if the bounce back email-id will be greater than the domain will be also in danger this is the only way how you can speed up your C2C recruitment .

3 steps to make your Corp to corp recruitment and resume submission process faster like never before.

  1. Once you got the corp to corp hotlist you directly check with the particular skin you are basically looking for and after that you can ask about the profile of that particular candidate by sending the email to that particular vendor or employer or you can also so make a call to asking the profile of particular person and also discuss about the work authorization or visa status and wants you got the resume of that consultant who is ready to work on corp2corp job you can check about the skill you have to focus about the current project and previous project including with some of the resume summary and discuss the rate how much corp to corp rate employer as asking for that consultant and once you discuss about the corp2corp job rate you directly send him rate confirmation email and screen the resume.
  2. meanwhile you screen the resume of the consultant which is available to work on cotton crop job and sent by the employer check the latest and previous project f client is asking about any particular industry experience such like such that banking experience or any automobile experience then you must have to check ok in the recent or previous project the consultant have to work or had any experience about this type of industry because they are more and more focus about the industry because these are the client basically preferred these corp2corp job only for those consultant who have already experience in some of the circumstances of the industry so that they can easily grasp all the things in such a way that industry have to provide only little bit training about the product or any of the support type of things.
    when you have already screen the resume just check about the corp to corp requirement mandatory skills and discuss the consultant about the skills how many years of total experience he have on that particular mandatory skills and also check about the visa status and the first us entry and also check about the validity of visa and the current location and in the middle of that also trying to get the information about the highest qualification or is the qualification as completed or going on aur maybe AEE qualification as full time or contract basis and if you are working on any of the implementation partner who implementing corp to corp project also check have do any prior experience with that particular implementation partner just like LCL and Wipro and after that if you got all the matrix details which you have basically required you sent the consultant RTR email which is also known as right to represent so once you got all the two details or email one from the employer side and the second one from the the consultant side you can just create the format of resume submission in this type of copra court jobs and send the resume with your manager or if you have any type of ATS like jobdiva for people then you can upload the resume and make the submission over there so this can help you to Boost Your corp to corp Us staffing process it faster smarter and better.
  3. Once you have done all these two to above process them us it recruiter must have to wait for the interested you’ll because interview schedule as also necessary process of us it recruitment and on the corp2corp recruitment this as very important because many times triund or hiding team is basically change the interview time slot on frequent basis so corp2corp recruiter for us it recruiter must have to aware about the time zone in US a a because many times consultant is basically focus on the timezone only  in which he is currently working on so recruiter have to pay attention about the interview schedule according to the US time zone.

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