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US Tax Terms Explained 🇺🇲 | Tax Terms in US Staffing 🇺🇸

Tax Terms plays a key role in US job market / USIT Recruitment so in-order to have good understanding of US recruitment, every recruiter must have knowledge about the US Tax Terms.

There are three (3) Tax Terms that are generally used in the US Job Market.


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Us staffing and Recruitment Staffing W2 1099 C2c Corp 2 Corp Night Shift Recruiter Technical Recruiter Technical Recruiter Jobs In Industry Us Us Us On,In the USA, you can run your own contract consulting practice in three different ways: as a Cor -to Corp, W2 and 1099 , which is the same as a Canadian Incorporated.

Tax Terms: W2 and 1099 – It is also temporary employment. The employee himself will pay taxes to IRS(Internal Revenue Status).


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