Sudheepth – Senior Quality Engineer – Our own H1B – Ready to relocate anywhere in USA

Sudheepth – Senior Quality Engineer – Our own H1B – Ready to relocate anywhere in USA

Consultant's Details: 

Consultant Name: Sudheepth

Visa: Our own H1B / W2


Employer Details:

Employer: Nextgen Technologies Inc

Contact Person: Kushal


Note: Please call between 09:30 AM PST to 06:00 PM PST

Phone: 4134240484 / 4087692596 Ext. 1007



Senior Quality Engineer 9+ years’ of experience working with cross-disciplinary teams in application Testing & developing quality assurance frameworks for large scale enterprises

Education & Credentials National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha, India, (2007-2011).

Experience Summary

Senior Quality/Sdet Engineer, 100% hands on , 8+ years extensive experience in Software Testing and Tool Development.

Complete hands on experience in design and development of UI/Backend Test frameworks using tools like Selenium Webdriver, TestNg, Maven , Selenium Grid , Jenkins, Apache HttpClient.

• Good experience in programming with Java , JDBC, JAXP, JSP, Servlets, Spring Frameworks like CORE, MVC, AOP, BOOT

• Strong understanding and development experience of REST API JAXRS libraries and Jersey Implementations

• Posses knowledge in understanding front end frameworks like Javascript , Jquery, Html5 CSS3, Angular Js.

• Hands on database knowledge in writing SQL queries for databases like Oracle , MySQL, PostgreSql including Joins, table design, Triggers , Stored Procedures , Cursors , Views , Indexes

• Hands on working experience in scrum teams and sprint span for 2-3 weeks .

• Hands on experience in creating testplan, testcases and test stratergy.

Career Experience

Apple Inc, Sunnyvale , CA                    

Sr Quality Engineer (07/2018 to Present) Key Responsibilities/Experience include:

● Responsible in building pricing tool to compare all the prices of each product between Apple Online Store (AOS), Apple Store App (ASA) and Wechat using JAVA 8, Spring Boot, REST, Maven, data source as MySQL with Hibernate as data layer

● Responsible for building Page Weights tool which is used to evaluate the size of each page on ASA and the time taken to load using the JAVA Spring Boot stack.

● Developed back end Automation framework in Java which supports Apple’s multiple tenants using TestNG, SQL, REST, Maven, POM, JSON technologies and work on enhancing the current framework for testing the developed code to ensure the software quality.

● Responsible in creating Test Data using complex SQL queries to insert, retrieve and validate the Database under test.

● Responsible for functional testing of Orders API, preAuth API and Retails API.

● Responsible for signing off for certifying of APIs from End-to-End

● Responsible for Enhancing the reporting of ASA Automation Framework by integrating with TestNG, Maven plugins on Jenkins CI

● Responsible for automating close to 600 used cases of ASA Automation Framework

● Responsible for Monitoring and Analyzing Splunk logs .

● Used Postman API to get convenient, visual display  of query results.

PayPal , San Jose , CA

Sr Quality Engineer (07/2017 to 07/2018) Key Responsibilities/Experience include

• Responsible for E2E testing for various teams with in Paypal like Prox & Argentum.

• Responsible for enhancing HAT automation framework hooking it up with Continuous Integration tool Jenkins

• Shared responsibility E2E framework development by using Java ,TestNg, Selenium Webdriver, Jenkins, Maven , Apache Http Client class

• Responsible for E2E testing for our partners/client on API’s which include Post An Order , Get An Order, Pay an Order, Pay out’s etc.

• Responsible for debugging issues on production , working with partner set up team for triaging live issues and working with cross functional teams to get them resolved

• Responsible for running E2E jobs for supporting component wise releases with in PayPal since we are a microservices architecture and every component would need an E2E signoff.

• Shared Responsibility for PP4MP dashboard development using Restful services / JAX RS lib as middleware , SQL database as our backend & javascript , css, html, as our front end.

• Strong knowledge in understanding API design , microservices architecture , Object/Data modelling.

 • Used Chrome extension Postman REST Client  for testing web services.

• Responsible for integrating backend framework HAT with Selenium grid architecture by creating nodes for a hub, configuring them , integrating them with Testng.xml file for parallel execution of regression on various browsers as a part of our framework enhancement

• Experience in using GIT hub as source code repository.

• Experience working in Scrum teams consisting of Developers, QE, Product managers & Dev/QA managers

• Experience in requirement grooming , Test plan, strategy and test case creation

• Strong core java experience , all automation frameworks designed and developed keeping in mind OOP’s concepts.

• Strong working experience in Java's Collection Frameworks , data structures & algorithms.

• Used Jira for logging defects , status reporting

• Used Testrail as a test case management tool to upload written test cases and execute them during release.

Verifone , San Jose , CA

SDET (05/2016 to 07/2017) Key Responsibilities/Experience include:

• Created and Implemented Testng framework with selenium webdriver 2.4 using page object model.

• Integrated with Jenkins for running selenium scripts for smoke testing.

• Designed POC for Automating Dev tools/Terminals/Devices for end to end testing.

• Designed POC for regression testing of any given system in end to end Automation.

• Responsible for developing test plans, test cases and execution of the complete test cycle for the backend for the application.

• Performed backend testing in NOSQL database and analyzed the log files for different error codes.

• Automated test cases using Groovy scripting in SOAPUI for REST Validation and JSON.

• Interacting with BA and functional lead for requirement gathering on scope of Automation

• Driven regression testing for the modified builds, as part of agile Model using Selenium 3.0 and Testng Framework for data driven automation.

• Automating of POS terminals devices using Selenium and APPIUM on both emulators and IOS and Android devices.

• Automated tests which needed to handle AJAX based calls using different waits like Explicit, Implicit and Fluent waits.

• Closely interacted with Scrum team which include Product Owners, Developers, QA’s, Business Analysts, Managers and Leads.

Employer:- Nextgen technologies inc, San Bruno, CA

Quality Engineer-3 (04/2014 to 05/2016)

Key Responsibilities/Experience include:

• As a Restful Services – test automation engineer, led backend Restful API test automation utilizing Postman for large scale e-Commerce application.

• Defined, designed, created, implemented Couchbase (L1/L2 cache) server documents for high performance data access to achieve end to end WebServices test automation.

• Support GSF team to create new OneOps assemblies and platform for different could server environments.

• Created and maintained PEBL pipelines for continuous integration using Maven and Jenkins.

Expertise developing SQL queries to retrieve data from Oracle DB using Sql Developer.

• Closely interacted with Scrum team which include Product Owners, Developers, QA’s, Business Analysts, Managers and Leads                          Sr Associate Engineer(04/2013 to 04/2014)

Key Responsibilities/Experience include:

• Integrate Selenium WebDriver framework with Jenkins.

• Configuration of Jenkins jobs and building test cases from Jenkins.

• Automating IOS, android and kindle devices using Selenium and APPIUM on both emulators and devices

• Analyzing and debugging failed scripts

• Used cucumber to automate JSON data format for REST API Validation.

• Conducted updating and data configurations for multiple apps released weekly.

• Reporting defects in JIRA.

• Handling offshore teams and helping them in automating complex applications.

• Involved in IPT (Integration protocol testing), as part integration testing of SDLC.

Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad , TG, India. Client :- Apple Inc Associate Engineer (07/2011 to 03/2013) Key Responsibilities/Experience include:

• Trained in Object Oriented Programing (Java), RDBMS, Linux.

• Developed automated test scripts for the functional unit, Integration testing as well as Regression testing.

• Performed Continuous Integration using Hudson tool for build deployment and Integration testing.

• Worked as team member and help to generate Test plans, Test cases and Test Scenarios based on the client requirements and functional requirements.

• Work in the agile team to test the functionality of web based applications using AJAX.

• Involved in working with offshore teams in testing UI elements and building test cases to test them.

• Also work with SQL and MySQL for DB access and management.

• Attending the project meeting and make the report based on the different cases, opinions and suggestions.

Note :- References will be provided upon request



NextGen Technologies Inc | 1735 N 1St ST., Suite 308 |San Jose, CA 95112

Email:| Website: | 4134240484 / 4087692596 Ext. 1007


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