New Requirement: IT Specialist Expert in Brooklyn, NY

Job ID: HBITS-02-11130 

Job Title: IT Specialist Expert

Client: NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE)

Work Location: 2 MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Scheduled Work Hours: 35 hours per week

Duration of Contract: 24 Months

Rate: $70 on C2C or 1099

Visa: H1B & Above

Due Date: 2/3/2021


Short description:

New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE) continues to invest in 21st century teaching tools for online and technology intensive curriculums. Increased broadband and wireless technology solutions will better support robust digital teaching content, online teaching resources and online testing. Since 1998, the NYCDOE has formally supported City schools with centrally administered projects to enhance and expand Internet access. The need for reliable network connection requires continual investment in next generation education technology platforms and is the focus of enhancing school technology infrastructure.

Requested Qualification:

84 Months experience supporting server upgrade (Windows 2012 and 2016 Operating System and hardware) that include installing Operating System, configuration and troubleshooting. Installing Virtual Machine, configuration and troubleshooting.
84 Months experience in Red hat Linux configuration, installation, troubleshooting, integration, performance monitoring, and perform maintenance.
36 Months experience of Level I, II, and III Server Hardware troubleshooting
36 Months experience of Level I, II, and III network support with LAN trouble shooting.
84 Months experience of TCP/IP server/client communication, DHCPDNSWINS.
36 Months experience utilizing system management software tools to monitor, manage and report system performance, availability, and use; and to coordinate computer network access and use.
Microsoft Certified System Engineer
Bachelor’s Degree or a Master’s degree in computer sciencetelecommunications from an accredited college.

Day to day tasks:

Provide support for the Classroom Connectivity Tech Refresh Project for the Schools Server Integration in all five boroughs.
Responsible for configuring two Windows 2012 R2, 2016 Core physical servers and five virtual Servers (3 Windows VMs and 2 Linux VMs) per site. These servers provide infrastructure for Server Operations, NOCSCCM, EMS and Security teams.
To configure the Remote Access Card in both servers, configure Active Directory, and DNS resource records validation.
Troubleshoot and provide support for DHCPDNSActive DirectorySNMPTCP/IP, and WINS.
Working with Windows Server configuration and management & PowerShell scripting.
Troubleshoot Hardware and Software problems during the server integration.
Documentation of all work effort to support server integration for sites.
Provides hardware assistance and performs testing on Servers.
Interact with DOE end-users and vendors to resolve logistic issues with equipment.
Provide assistance with servers, LAN and network integration.
Provides end-user support to different vendors by phone or on-site.
Respond to support issues for the integration when needed.
Certification: Server + / MCSE / RedHat Linux  

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