Netapp Storage Admin

Role                                       :               Netapp Storage Admin (L3) (Netapp SAN(Block storage) administration, IBM COS, Netapp NAS, EMC powermax)

Location                               :               Clinton, NJ

Requirement ID                :               Requirement ID : 7285184


Desired Competencies (Technical)


  1. Experience in managing block based storage with Netapp All flash arrays(AFF 700) and Fiber Channel SAN switches(Brocade)
  2. Experience on Netapp Clustered mode OS – ONTAP 9.3 and later
  3. Provisioning storage using Fibre Channel, iSCSI, CIFS and NFS
  4. Experience working on snapshots, snapmirror and Flexclones
  5. Managing Volumes, aggregates, LUNs, initiator groups in a netapp SAN environment
  6. Hands on experience with performing ONTAP OS upgrades. 
  7. Experience working on vserver DR and snapmirror for performing disaster recovery tasks.
  8. Experience on netapp management softwares – Oncommand system manager, Unified manager, OnCommand Insight, Virtual storage console(VSC), Snapcenter
  9. Storage migration experience(FLI, snapmirror etc.)
  10. Experience on Hardware maintenance related operational tasks that involve takeover/giveback
  11. Perform logical expansion of storage aggregates as part of new disk shelves addition
  12. Capacity management and performance analysis expertise on the Netapp SAN environment
  13. Brocade SAN switch administration including zoning, OS upgrades
  14. Perform firmware upgrades on the Netapp storage hardware
  15. Storage reclaim and decommission tasks on Netapp
  16. Cluster interconnect switches management and administration
  17. Exposure on VMware and SRM(Storage Recovery manager)
  18. IBM Cloud object Storage(ICOS) provisioning and administration
  19. NFS/CIFS storage provisioning/management  with Netapp NAS File based environment.
  20. Netapp CVO- Cloud volume ontap administration
  21. EMC powermax storage administration



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