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We have the below opening with one of our clients. Please review and let me know if you have any candidates available.



Role: OpenShift Administrator

Location: Hartford, CT


Job description:

  1. Installation and administration of OpenShift Container Platform in production and nonproduction environments hosted on Linux Servers.
  2. Perform upgrades of OpenShift Container Platform in production and nonproduction environments.
  3. Provide environment support for all in scope batch servers and their applications.
  4. Provide support during patching activities performed on Linux and Windows servers.
  5. Develop Docker base images and configure Docker builds/deploys and handle multiple images for Linux operating system and middleware (JBoss/Tomcat) installations and configurations.
  6. Configure builds and deployments of openshift applications using CI/CD tools.
  7. Develop vendor provided docker base images and configure their build and deployments in CI/CD tools.
  8. Develop Ansible roles to automate manual tasks performed in environment management support.
  9. Automate the deployments of various technologies such as Linux deployment scripts using Jenkins/uDeploy CI tool.
  10. Function as a Technical Lead responsible for the overall health and performance of an application’s operating environment.
  11. Responsible for writing shell scripts of application batch jobs and configure them in Linux servers.
  12. Work closely with the Middleware support team for any new application server setup, configuration changes, upgrades, and releases in Weblogic and JBoss.
  13. Work closely with application development teams to plan and perform application installations, deployments, enhancements, upgrades and environment modifications.
  14. Responsible for writing and maintaining cookbooks for JBoss/Weblogic upgrades/Application migration.
  15. Create update and maintain software environment documentation.






Sincerely Yours,
Himanshu Saraf
Diverse Lynx, LLC
300 Alexander Park Suite # 200
Princeton, NJ 08540
Tel: (732) 452-1006 Ext.311


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