Lead .Net Application Developer & Lead UI / Frontend Developer profiles hotlist – Call 4134240484

Hello Everyone,

Call Me on 4134240484 – Email: kushal@nextgentechinc.com


My Candidates Hotlist. Both the candidates are looking for a really high rate


Lead .Net Application Developer  Profile

Note: If you have a direct client and higher rate then only reach out to me for Rohit's profile.

He is looking for only NJ , PA , NY, MA and VA – He live in MA and looking for nearby locations only.

1.Rohit   –  Lead .Net Application Developer – 15+ Years Exp – Our Own H1B Candidate – Weston, MA – Willing to Relocate after a pandemic


UI Frontend  Profile – 

Note: H1B Transfer, willing to join the project within 2 weeks without any issue

2.Chetan   –  Lead UI Frontend Developer – 11+ Years Exp – H1B Transfer Candidate – Bay Area,CA – Willing to Relocate after a pandemic



Kushal Desai

Nextgen Technologies Inc

Direct: (413) 424-0484 / (408) 769-2596 Ext. 1007


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