Hi, there!

We have some really great news. PushEngage is better today than it was yesterday!

There’s a bunch of really exciting updates, so let’s just dive in.

You can now use PushEngage to:

  • Send intelligent A/B tests that help you make more money;
  • Delete inactive subscribers twice every month to save more money;
  • Get deleted subscribers to resubscribe on website visit;

This besides, we also have a WordPress 5.7 compatibility update for the plugin…

… and a brand new website!

You can read more about these updates in our April announcement post:

[Announcement] – Intelligent A/B Testing, Smart Resubscribe, and More!

Isn’t that great?

Thanks so much for helping PushEngage become one of the best mobile and web push notifications plugins in the market.

Talk soon,

Nirvana Guha
Product Educator

P.S. – We’d really appreciate it if you could take a minute to browse our new website as well. It’s really epic! And, we have some new content in the pipeline. So, stay tuned!