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Category: Technical


Which Programming language should you Choose for better career Growth

Very common question that I get with a lot of students is what programming language should I learn or what language is right for me this is a
big topic and I don’t know that anyone can really answer it adequately in under ten minutes but we’re gonna give it a try there are a lot of
answers out there trying to answer this question and if you’re new to programming it could be very confusing to try to wade through it all you might be worried about this in that’s okay part of the problem is that our industry changes at the following points give you some high-level guidance based on what are some of the most
common paths that people take clear up some misconceptions and give you the tools to go out and find the right answer for you I can’t promise you will have the answer by the end of this video but I can promise you that you will be closer than when you started let’s get going okay so what is a programming language computers are machines that give data outputs based on data inputs they’re really great at this and they can give you millions of outputs per second they are serenely undaunted by complexity the problem is that computers do not think like
humans do it’s really hard for us to talk to them programmers are like the ambassadors between the two worlds we use programming languages to give computers sets of instructions in a way that both parties can understand and at the

Which programming language is better to learn

end of the day a computer only understands binary meaning the ones in zeros so no matter what the programming language is it must eventually compile down to binary the closer to computers native tongue binary the faster the language because there’s not as much need for translation but it’s also a lot harder to
program at that level now here there are two major distinctions in programming languages some languages are closer to how computers communicate refer to as low-level some however are closer the way the you and I would converse and those are called high-level languages there are pros and cons to each so low level languages they’re easy for computers to understand and super fast to run but they’re very difficult for humans to learn and understand what’s happening high level languages are easy for humans to learn use in debug but slower for
computers because they have to go through multiple translation cycles to eventually get into something that a computer knows what to do with
and it’s not just us computers really struggle to understand humans – fun fact there’s a whole field called natural language processing and it’s
trying to crack this programming languages at the end of the day are all just different ways of telling computers what to do and they’re usually
designed with different philosophies or different approaches to how to build stuff in mind high versus low is more of a spectrum than a black and white sort of thing when I say high level is slower I’m talking about fractions of seconds milliseconds really and there’s relatively few tasks

Where those milliseconds are so important because humans are so much slower we just don’t notice when those tasks pile up they become
noticeable to us humans ever gotten mad at your computer because it was taking too long to load College computer science degrees don’t
usually focus on high-level they focus on low level languages as the foundation boot camps like the one I taught at are there to just teach you
the high level things you need to get a job and nope you don’t need a computer science degree to do programming or to get a job as a
developer but yes knowing more about how a computer works in computer science can help with high level users long term for now just know
that for most tasks and most jobs high level will do the trick that brings us to the big question which programming language should you choose ? well because programming languages are tools to talk to computers it’s not just about what’s best for the computer but what’s best for you and why the computer are you going to be working together so we should really ask is what are you doing are you programming for fun are you just curious do you want the easiest language under your belt a particular project that you’re working on are you are you trying to get a programming job or are you trying to apply these skills to your current job maybe you’re not sure truth is is that there are different right languages for each of these answers to these questions now for a few of them like for fun you could just pick any language you like and

dabble and see what you can do some of the common choices here are HTML CSS and JavaScript in that order to build websites and or
Python to build almost anything if you’re just curious similar story for the fun crowd but maybe you should drill into why you’re curious if these
cover you great to come back to this video later beyond that this gets real complicated real fast so buckle up now the easiest language is
quick to ask but long to answer what’s easy depends on what you use it
for so for example a hammer is easy to use to drive nails and requires
less skill than using a saw but try cutting a tree down with a hammer languages are tools and were created to handle specific tasks so as a general rule some tasks will be easier to learn to program than others HTML is quote-unquote easy but it won’t help you with data analysis now if you want to build a project.

Python is the easy and strongest programming language

or get a specific job done it matters what kind of project you’re doing is it a website is it an application what are you trying to build with this project now if you want to apply your programming skills to your current role that comes with its own bag of questions – like what job are you in marketing needs are gonna be different than the Financial Analysts what industry what sorts of tasks are you doing what kind of technology – do the people around you use at your current job now what if you want to get a programming job and that’s the million dollar question before
getting too deep into these let me clear up some misconceptions that might be holding you back misconception number one learning the
wrong language is a waste of time this is one of my favorites because the truth is that you can’t spin your wheels on one language but the truth is is that programming is about patterns many people think the coding languages are like human languages where if you pick the wrong one you’re wasting your time like learning Chinese when you want to move to Germany that’s not really the case with programming you see
programming languages might look different on the surface but they usually have a lot in common and in part that’s because they have some
shared ancestry all programming languages are trying to efficient they’re all trying to cause as few bugs as possible and they’re all trying to
execute the same set of instructions you start to see the same patterns and structures it’s easier to pick up others because they’re all using similar concepts these all might look very different to you now but they have a lot more in common than it seems if you know what you want to do and you know the key coding concepts then writing a program is largely a matter of syntax how that concept is written in a particular language so unlike most human languages once you learn one you start seeing the same patterns and structures and once you pick up one
it’s easier to pick others up once you have some foundational knowledge like you can get from any free code Academy course you’ll be able to make better more informed decisions later if you only remember one thing from this video this is it when you’re just starting out don’t worry about focusing on if you’re learning the best language instead focus on learning the concepts and the proper form when you’re just getting
started some of my students have spent months and sometimes even halted entire projects because they were trying to research what was
the perfect programming language for them the truth is is that once you get a foundational knowledge it all becomes so much easier after that

python compiler and assembly language

but you have to learn the basics first in any programming language will do that for you misconception number two programming is about
knowing and doing now as a caveat it is true that you do have to memorize some stuff but the truth is is that programming is primarily about
learning it’s easy to see developers who know more than you and think they have it all memorized the truth is that we rarely know what’s
happening when we start one way to look at it is like we’re professional Googlers but I like to look at it like we’re professional learners we’re
curious we poke we prod we test sometimes we can figure things out from experience because we’ve solved them from before however the
better a programmer you gets the more likely you are to be asked to solve problems you’ve never solved before and this is especially true in
code breaks we often don’t know why it’s broken so most times programming is about learning why it broke and learning how to solve it the
most senior developers I’ve worked with the ones I felt the most will will often be the first to admit they don’t know what’s happening or what’s
wrong but they’re so confident in their abilities to figure it out that it seems like they knew all along it’s not uncommon for a developer to stride
between languages and technologies throughout their careers as both the challenges they face and the way we program software changes
misconception number three there is a crutch way to learn programming now to be clear there are plenty of ways that you can learn
programming and some are going to be more helpful than others but the truth is that there are mistakes to learn from an expert programmer is
someone who has learned all the mistakes in their field there are some universal truths in our field and there are a lot of bad ways to write
software and to learn to program when you’re just starting out it’s kind of all the same to you learning to program and write good code
time but it also takes a lot of hard lessons for example you’ll hear it echoed from everywhere that you shouldn’t repeat yourself when you write
code but that won’t mean something to you until you’ve had to run around to 20 different files every time something needs to be updated
correct ways to learn to program are presented as correct because well-intentioned curricula is trying to save you from making the same mistakes as previous developers but sometimes those lessons can really only be learned from experience put another way programming is not about knowing what good code is but why is it

python is an open source programming language

Good code misconception number 4 programming languages are about programming and what I mean by that is that it’s just cranking out lines
of code truth is is that programming is about solving problems underneath this is the basic problem that a lot of new learners struggle with and I certainly was in that camp picking a programming language without a problem is like going shopping for ingredients without a recipe you can buy a bunch of hypothetical ingredients but unless you know what you’re making you might not have the stuff you need instead I recommend that learners to start with a problem that they’re trying to solve or something that they’re trying to do first and then learn what popular
frameworks and languages have been written or made to suit that specific Shaolin I’m saying it’s more helpful to start with a problem first than
it is to start with a programming language if you don’t know what you’re trying to solve and you just want to learn programming and it doesn’t
really matter which one you choose okay now so for applying the skills to your job this is a bigger one programming is useful for many people
in many different ways it’s a big topic but for the majority of people if you’re trying to use code at work it’s usually in one of the following
categories to analyze data to automate tasks or to understand how technology works at your company and every company is different but
more or less now we’re at a stage where every company is a tech company for analyzing data it matters how your data is stored and how it’s
used at work accessing that data is often done with sequel then to analyze and visualize you have some options but the big players in this

Learn python programming is quick and easy

space are Python in the programming language for automation it depends on what kind of task you’re trying to automate and where but you
won’t go too far wrong by starting with any of the major programming languages lots of people like to start either Ruby JavaScript or Python
when writing these kinds of apps for understanding tech at your company and really for all of these keep in mind it matters what these technologies are used for in the office some companies use outdated programming languages like Fortran but programming languages solve problems so a company’s technology will likely reflect the kinds of solutions those technologies offered relative to what the company was facing at that time that’s important to keep in mind when you’re looking at what languages different companies can use

for example when
Mark Zuckerberg was in his dorm room coming up with the first version of Facebook he didn’t worry about what would be perfect but what
suited him at the time as Facebook grew they had the chance to change and adapt to their needs when it comes down to it customers
investors and employers don’t care so much about what your product was built on what matters to them is that the software works that’s one

of the reasons why what you might need to learn might not be what’s popular and trending at all if you want to learn how to program an ATM
you’ll need to learn older lower level programming languages like COBOL which hasn’t been popular in decades but is still used in 70% of
global financial transactions games are basically just a specific type of program so you can make a game in virtually any language but the splitseconds of extra speed at the lower level can make a big difference for mobile apps or native apps on any device you’ll need to learn at least
a little of the specific languages used for that devices operating system but you may not need to learn tons for example these days you can
make apps on pretty much anything using mainly JavaScript there’s tons of nuance to this topic pros and cons and your infinite ways to write
code but don’t pay too much attention to the endless discussion about what a best language or what’s trending the best pic for any task is
usually just to code in whichever language you are most comfortable for everyone with a career focusing on coding I also like to add one piece
of top advice think about what sorts of jobs you’d like to have at the end of the day at these companies companies will literally tell you what
they’re looking for for those positions and they’ll also always be up to date so it’s just a list of everything that you need to learn if you want to

Choose programming language as project requirement

work at a company like that consider keeping an eye on not just entry-level jobs but the more senior wants to so you can map out what you’re
going to need to learn later this applies to marketers product managers
the whole range of tech careers but especially for developers don’t worry even if what you want to learn is really complicated or not very popular it’s more than ok to start with smaller goals in easier more popular or higher level languages before switching into a harder .

Tips and tricks to leave a Proper VM or Voice Message for IT Recruiters in US staffing

So when I was recruiting I was in US staffing and doing both US jobs contract and full time so when I send email and leave multiple voice messages so the amount of response that defines how successful we will be or how many submission that we are going to get at the end of the day so here so first thing we need to ensure that we are keeping ourselves.

Tips and tricks to leave a voice message

In a different way than other crowd so how generally it works when a general recruiter leaves a voice message let’s say generally how we rush is we leave a voice message as if we are are just doing for the sake of doing that is the only reason right that is the only reason why most of the recruiters fail because we see we just put the string and we see a bunch of the candidates come in and we starts calling then once we start calling the candidate we leave voice messages as if this were just paid to do that there’s no liveness in that particular recall and so we sound like general okay .

tip to leave effective voice message

(A) let’s say “I’m calling John hey John this is Mark from so-and-so company and I got your profile from so in supporter any job portal like IndeedUSA or dice, Monster and this is regarding a job requirement for business analyst and this is in this location for this client or maybe for this domain and let me know
if you are interested I’m sending you an email to this particular email ID and this is my phone number 7324521002
” one sort of right .
how will leave “Hey John this is Mark from ABC company how are you doing today this is regarding a job and I would like to speak to you and understand how it is this the so many kind of things that how we live so if this is not only us but most of the recruiters do that ok so here we need to feel you know we need to fill the call with a liveliness and we need to make the call in a different manner .

So We Need to understand how it looks from the receivers point of view . ok so you are not the only person who is calling the candidate but there are multiple recruiters who might be reaching out to that person so why that person should reply to your call and reply to your voice message and reply to you email so if we are talking about voice message in general so voice message should be like the beginning of the immediately.

tip to leave effective voice message in us staffing for US jobs

someone is opening it that person should listen till the end so it’s your responsibility for the person to take the you know call listen to the call for
10 seconds 20 30 40 so on so there are limitations that are how long your voice message has to be but it’s better how small it is I mean the more smaller it is and but it needs to solve its purpose so first thing how I used to do is hey John this is someone from so-and-so company

and the time of the call is 10:15 a.m. central and this is Monday I found a resume in so and supporter and I believe you are first and second
projects are matching to approach position what we have if you would like to know more about this position please call me back at this number or you can send me an email at this this email ID once again I repeat my phone number this is this this is this and this thank you very much. many times these VM also sent by integrated ATS also but these are only for work for some circumstances.
John and I’ll be expecting your call so that we can take this to the next level all right or hey John the says someone from so-and-so company I found your resume in this portal and the reason of the call is regarding a job that your resume is suitable in the time of the call is 9:00 a.m. Eastern why it makes a difference when we leave at time and a day because there will be multiple voice messages right someone
if someone is checking the voice message they don’t know if that voice message landed in the morning in the afternoon in the evening or the night unless
that person gives a focused you know details on the call record so why don’t we just give it all the way so when you are called greet what is the purpose and do mention the time of the call and where you can be reached at so you first bite by doing this but you will just differentiate yourself from other customer care and other kind of people and do feel that yes you are really care for that person and you really have gone
through the resume and your position is really going to make a difference to that person’s life.

Which tips and tricks you Used to leave a Voice Message, Please Reply?

how to search and find Resumes On Google from varios portal like Indeedusa, Dice , Monster

In this article we learn how to find Java developers on Google with simple approach I understand what is Java Java is a general-purpose or say OOPS programming language developed by Sun Microsystems a small team of engineers known as the green team initiated the language in 1991 Java was originally called oak and was
designed for handheld devices and set-top boxes but was unsuccessful so in 1995 cen changed the name to Java and modified the language
to take advantage of the word knowing world-wide-web later in 2009 Oracle Corporation acquired Sun Microsystems and took ownership of
two key some software assets that is Java and solar is what is Java today today Java is a commonly used foundation for developing and delivery content on the web according to Oracle there are more than 9 million Java developers worldwide and more than 3 billion mobile and more

How to find resume on google

Phones run Java in 2014 one of the most significant changes to the java language was launched with java SE8 changes included additional functional programming features parallel processing using streams and improve integration which our script the 20th anniversary of
commercial gia was celebrated in terms of satisfied now let’s understand different versions of Java we have three different versions that is k2 double e also called Java 2 Enterprise Edition we have j2se Java standard edition and we have j2me that is Java 2 micro Edition the first one j2ee is used for web base and next of application j2se is used for online gaming and j2me is used for mobile applications the difference between code Java and gatewood of the East or Java has Springs lighting the forms and j2ee uses JSP javaserver pages enterprise javabeans and subnets Kujawa is only used to design the desktop applications whereas j2ee is used for distributed enterprise applications as
well as it is a web-based and extra base applications let’s first understand google operators or search operators on the right hand side you can
see boolean operators in Google we have an or not in title in URL quotation marks astrick parentheses site and file type and used for all criteria in search result and is added by default between search term always uses for one or more of your criteria not uses for excluding certain criteria and entitled use for certain criteria in the page title and in URL used for certain criteria in the page URL there is a difference

how to find resume on google

between title and in your quotation marks is used for specific term mastic is used for all derivatives of one word and parentheses used for group search term site is used for searches for candidates in a specific website and file type define which type of file you are looking for on the internet and let’s see the basic search found that we can use to find resumes on the google for java as you can see here we have entitled resume or entitled cv we are using the bracket to either select in title or in title cv between these two we are using or and we are opening the
bracket to write down Java developer or Java programmer we can also include Java coder or Java engineer and the minus symbol is used for removing the irrelevant search results because you are looking for resumes you are removing jaws to that job to get shown and samples to be shown and examples to be shown here you can see we are specifically defining which type of file you are looking either PDF doc or text to use the file time you have the optional file type PDF for file type blog you can also use doc X people used of X as well here you define Java developer in the quotations and you remove my job job sample and templates next you can also use this search front specifically used for finding people on Stack Overflow and github as you can see you are referring to site overflow comm slash users here you are defining Java developer yet you are defining the batches you also have sighted her some people who have joined on github having a Java developer title

Java developer with J2ME

who are in Chicago and you can also do this on meetup which ever sites have the public profile membership you can use this sides wherever you can find the people you can add more criterion in your search to find profiles that better matches your requirement here you can see what our developers could also be find with specific skill or keywords like somebody who have worked with Linux can be found here and you can add in the next year so I work with C++ in c-sharp could be added here because it’s more skill so we are adding in or in the bracket and somebody you have work with a child methodologies you can see you are we are using different methodology is I love scrum or SP if you are looking for somebody with Java development who is familiar with Oracle you can use Oracle and – the job job sample and examples and you can also search our developers based on state and city you can add California or CA C is the abbreviation for California you can also look by city by adding San Francisco defining importation California or CA the menu string the same and you can also find people by area code entitled as entitled CB Java developer Chicago and this is the zip code and removing the job job samples and examples finally you can have different skills certification and as you can occasionally search using various format here you can see you
where you are finding people who also certification like sun sun certified you can see relegate a specific framework spring or hibernate you can also see related to senior positions you can see we have used senior java developer as a title here finally we have google image search you can use google image search.

Question: Which is the largest used platform independent language?

Do you know the name of animal in Firebox Browser logo?

These days almost every uses and professional use Mozilla Firefox and it is the open source browser to make your browsing very secure and very fast but did you know about this the animal shown in the browser is not a fox.

Animal in the mozilla firefox logo is not Fox

The Mozilla Firefox is available not only for windows but for Linux MacOS, iPhone and almost all the operating system like Android.
Firefox is a open source software and the company is non profit company which is only run and operated for mission driven organisation .
If you are a developer and want to choose or make your career and Mozilla Firefox company then you must have to aware about these Technologies all the functionality and features of Mozilla Firefox is developed in ‎C‎, ‎C++‎, ‎JavaScript‎, ‎CSS‎, ‎HTML‎, ‎Rust.
Mozilla Firefox allowed for a technology name is sandbox security model to manage privileges accorded to JavaScript code, but that feature has since been deprecated.It limits many types of javascripts and other scripts from accessing data from other websites based on the same-origin policy

Mozilla Firefox was created in 2002 under the codename “Phoenix” by the Mozilla community

Firefox is an open source software browser

Members who desired a standalone browser which can provide the seamless service and platform independent.

Question: Which animal is used in Mozilla Firefox logo?

Top 5 jobs in US after lockdown

There are a large number of business and person who have affected with this corona Covid-19 pandemic, So due to the circumstance these are the following option we can also opt during this lock down or after also which are very less affected.

  1. Home delivery
    Home delivery or online delivery is also the best option in this type of these you see many of companies just like Walmart and any other home delivery , deliver companies who deliver foods and many more just like Swiggy Zomato order food online and dominos order online with many others like Amazon in this lockdown also they are doing their business very well and in these days the business is increases by leaps and bounds so this will be also the good option after lockdown cause this career as also not affected such type of pandemic diseases .

2. Digital Marketing
Due to this, Covid 19 every business want online services because only the online business can serve in this pandemic disease and people from every business area want to know the three or Four different questions every time like
1. how to make our business digitalize
2. how to make a business for more revenue
3. how to make a brand digitalize worldwide
4. how to grow our profit worldwide with digital market
If you can see the real facts about the digital marketing and social media uses in this pandemic 87% pure increased of usage to the digital and social media uses and if you see 42% of increases in digital payments so you can see the seminar or any other things which is connected to a particular physical location is done with the Webinars also know as online marketing tool so this will be the great option for your career and this is the second great option for any type of pandemic disease in future . Digital Marketing now 25k Billion field and will be greater in the coming time , there are a large number of digital marketing company and the activities which done online these days some of these are below.
Live Performance
Social Events
political Events
Religious Event
Stand up Comedies

career in digital marketing

3. Online Education
These days online education or online class is on the top because due to this Corona virus all the school and Institute provide the online education and online courses to their students to cover up their courses and this is also very increasing area many institute initially provide some free online courses and every type of course like web designing course and event management course for free and you can opt this one as a career you see our parents can cut down the cost of clothes and toys for other activities but the expense of the education they have make out of budget so you can look for this option also

Education is recession proof business all the courses test syllabus and online assistance is provide by the school college for the institute for student and also the help to conduct various other activities almost thousands of of online tutors for teachers on the daily basis provide the education to the different type of platforms.
you can opt quality education in a very low cost and almost all the courses available online .
This is also the great option to the teachers tutors and the other person who know any other person who is is expertise in his field and want to learn something to the audience online and after that you can share the profits or you can directly learn to the people if you have any expertise in yours this is the great career in in the next coming time.

4. Healthcare
Healthcare and health insurance is also a recession proof business and this is continuing in every circumstances and if you want to make a career in this this will be the best in this time and coming time also because due to this Corona pandemic.
These days everyone want to increase their immunity form a rich man to a public servant for any general servant everyone is right now discussing about their help so so this will be the again next field in which you can try

Career in Healthcare

Every country want to enhance and extend their hospitality and Access  Healthcare field so that every country will be ready for next coming pandemic so you can easily choose these option but in this field you must have to you ready to serve the people. As you know there are a large number of occupation consist with this challenging field , So you can be try as one of the below
1. Health Instructor
2. Yoga Teacher
3 Dietitian
4 Technician
5. Fitness Coach
6. Service provider

5. Other Technical jobs
Now everyone know about the importance of other online software online learning and the online earning also so to manage these all the stuff across thousands and millions of users there are developers and engineer who working on the back and side and front and side to make you easier in every circumstances so you can try these options also in this type of situations you can be a web developer , app developer for software developer , Software Architecture , Database developer

Project Manager , Cyber Security Consultant ,
Cyber security play an important role you know all the stuff and content are online so everyone want to protect their data from the masquerade and any other so there will be a great opportunity for Cyber Security analyst and consultants including with this there are the great scope for app developers also who have already experience in security concerns.

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Which is the best and dream job of yours ? , Please Reply?

What is ATS , why it is very important for staffing companies

ATS : Application tracking system

Application tracking system is nothing but a web application developed in various programming language with any database to track all of your process activity through which you can get any of the desired result from anywhere you can also check the performance of the employee and the report of the output and the revenue generated to any particular financial year.

This application basically divided into three very important module first one is the user and second one is the admin and the third one is the super admin which have all the access of the particular application.

User: user is a person who is basically employee or talent acquisition specialist any other Who is basically bounded and only access the feature provide by the admin only if you can take the example of any a staffing company then user is the employee or a recruiter who used the common feature of this just like search the resume and submit the resume to the account manager for or doing many type of other important task just like mass mailing email merge or posting the US jobs over the different type of job portals and many more but all of the action of this module is recognized by the the admin and super admin.

Admin: Admin in this is recognized as the second hierarchy of the application who is basically take care about the users and user activity on this if you can take the example of any Staffing company many account managers for vice president or any other responsible person who lead the organisation within a particular area or country is basically used this feature because he is directly responsible for all the action taken by account managers or any e recruiters or any other person who is basically used this portal just like any of it professional and the work of this is to assign the US jobs to particular recruiter and measure the performance according to the assign requirement and also generate the daily reports of the sum missions and working for us and as per the mention and the features of the particular ATS.

This module is also taking care of by the super admin who is basically generate the report for users and the admin for all the other branches of that particular company location in which this software is basically working on he can generate the report for any admin or any of the users anytime anywhere cause this is an web application

Super Admin: super admin have all the access of this cause this is the ATS is basically developed or applied in the organisation on the instructions of this consultant only cause this is the super admin he have all the access of recruiters , Account Manager , Vice president, he can enable or disable any of the service of any particular user or admin and also generate the report for every events from users to admin or vice president and all the birds that is integrated in this ATS.

List of ATS Commonly Used in US staffing Industry.

  1. Jobdiva
  2. Ciepal
  3. Bullhorn
  4. Oracle Taleo
  5. IBM Kenexa BrassRing
  6. Jobvite
  7. SmartRecruiters
  8. iCIMS
  9. Greenhouse
  10. BambooHR
  11. SAP SuccessFactors
  12. Workable

For more ATS featues and Functionalities watch the video below.