Because of You, Israel is not Alone

Israel Lives

Dear corp,

In mid-May, the terrorist organization Hamas launched an attack against Israel unlike any since 2014. As of this printing, thousands of rockets have plummeted Israel, causing 13 deaths, hundreds of civilians wounded and millions of Israeli’s living under bomb threats for weeks. The attacks harmed Palestinians as well, as hundreds of rockets fired from Gaza at Israel, mistakenly landed in Gaza.

Israel responded forcefully and strategically, targeting terrorists while protecting civilians, Israeli and Palestinian alike. During Operation Guardian of the Walls, terrorists in Lebanon and Syria, at the encouragement of Iran, also fired rockets at Israel. CUFI has done all we can to fight alongside Israel and her people in this tumultuous time.

Thanks to the generous and active support of partners like you, CUFI’s response was immediate and effective. As watchmen on the walls, it is our duty and privilege to stand with Israel against her regional enemies, international bigotry, domestic antisemitism and media propaganda.

With your gift of support, we will send you five US-Israel Solidarity pins to share with friends and family, so they too can proudly display their support for Israel.

One of the battles CUFI fought diligently and strategically over the past month has been on the social media front. As misinformation and blatant falsehoods spread about the conflict across socialmedia platforms, CUFI combated these lies with the truth through our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. While anti-Israel posts, tweets, and videos streamed nonstop, CUFI fired back round-the-clock with the truth to defend Israel and our Jewish friends from viral hate.

CUFI’s voice was sorely needed to defend Israel during the conflict. Headlines of major news outlets yet again betrayed their anti-Israel bias by placing blame on Israel, selectively portraying Palestinians as the only victims. CUFI utilized the traditional media to encourage the Jewish state that they are not alone by running a full-page ad in Israel’s largest newspaper, Israel Hayom, to declare unequivocally that America’s Christians stand with Israel as she defends herself from her enemies.

Another battle we fought was to rally support for Israel amidst apathy and ignorance within the Christian community. Less than a week into the conflict, we launched CUFI Solidarity Sunday, encouraging churches around the globe to dedicate a time in their service to pray for the peace of Jerusalem and to sign CUFI’s Israel Solidarity Pledge. Tens of thousands of people participated in this event to show their support for the Jewish state.

Our work is far from over. As Israel’s enemies relentlessly seek her destruction, most in the mainstream media promote falsehoods and deception about the Jewish state. Our mission remains as critical as ever: we must educate more Christians about our Biblical mandate to support Israel while ensuring that America stands with our greatest ally, now more than ever.

With your gift of any amount, we will send you five US-Israel Solidarity pins as a reminder of our call to defend and bless Israel and the Jewish people when they are attacked, maligned, or mistreated.

Thank you for being a watchman on the walls—diligently standing guard and actively mobilizing when Israel is attacked. You are making a positive impact every day. Israel lives and will continue to thrive—and with your help, CUFI will faithfully stand shoulder-to-shoulder with God’s Chosen People.

May the Mighty God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who defends Israel also surround you and yours with His richest blessings as you support the Apple of His Eye (Psalm 84:11).

With Gratitude,

Blessings to you and those you love,

Pastor John Hagee, Founder and Chairman

With your gift of any amount, receive  5 US-ISRAEL SOLIDARITY PINS.

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